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LED Headlight Conversion Kits

If you’ve been considering making an upgrade to your car’s headlights, look no further than one of our LED conversion kits. With several options available at ORACLE Lighting, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for within your budget. Not only does an LED conversion kit enhance the look of your vehicle, it can also help reduce your power draw. By using one of these LED conversion kits, you can extend your car battery life by months—and if you’re driving an electric vehicle, you can get an additional six miles in range.

Shop LED Bulbs Here


Shop LED Bulbs Here

When driving down the road at night, nothing is quite as important as your headlights. With kits ranging from 3000–5000 lumens, you’re sure to find the LED conversion kit that’ll increase your safety and nighttime visibility as much as you need. No matter which series you choose, you’ll get more illumination, increased reliability, and an easy installation with expert customer service.

You might be asking why you would want LED headlights or why you need an LED headlight conversion kit. Are you in the market for better performing, longer-lasting headlights? Consider switching to LED headlight bulbs! LED headlights are brighter than traditional halogen headlights and are more energy efficient. Higher quality headlights not only look better, but can also help you to avoid safety risks on the road by illuminating potential hazards more effectively.

However, if your current vehicle’s headlights are not designed as LED, an LED headlight conversion kit is necessary for proper installation. Conversion kits include integrated heat sinks, wiring adaptors, and ballasts in order to ensure the new bulb fits properly. 

ORACLE Lighting’s LED headlight conversion kits come in three different series to fit your needs and budget. The S3 Series is the most budget-friendly line, but you’ll be amazed at the many benefits you will get over traditional halogen headlights. The V Series LED headlight conversion kit takes it up a notch, taking the max brightness from 3200 to 3600 lumens. For those who want only the best, our premium series may be the way to go! ORACLE Lighting 4000+ Lumen Series LED headlight conversion kits allow for a max brightness and superior performance.

Get the benefits of LED headlight bulbs even if your vehicle was not designed for them with ORACLE Lighting, the best place to buy a LED headlight conversion kit to upgrade your headlights.

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