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ORACLE Lighting Sealed Beam Headlights

ORACLE Lighting sealed beam headlights are a great way to add modern styling to your classic car or truck! SMD halos are pre-installed into the glass headlight housings, just connect your wires to a 12V power source. These lights work great with any of the wide selection of ORACLE Lighting Switches and Controllers for easy control. We also recommend the ORACLE H4 LED Headlight Bulbs as a great addition to these headlights for improved light output and visibility without blinding other drivers.

So what are sealed beam headlights? A sealed beam headlight is a headlamp consisting of an enclosed bulb in front of a glass lens. The entire piece comes together and “sealed” means that each part cannot be replaced separately. These headlights use parabolic aluminized reflectors, and are known as “PAR” lamps. Individuals may choose a chrome or black housing for the light in order to liven up the lights. At ORACLE Lighting, we offer several different sizes of sealed beam headlights, including 4”x6”, 5.75”, 7”, and 7”x6”.

Sealed beam headlights offer many advantages for classic vehicles. They are much easier to maintain due to the headlamp being sealed, preventing debris from getting onto the glass. This allows the light to be much brighter and gives the driver farther and clearer visibility. You can also enjoy a new style on your classic with your choice of a vibrant halo.

Whatever you drive, ORACLE Lighting has the lighting solution for your vehicle. We offer a wide range of lighting products in order to enhance the look and function of your vehicle and its lights. We test all of our lighting products to ensure uniform quality so you can count on our products again and again. We also ensure that our products can withstand a variety of conditions through our QC testing. We are committed to providing our customers with a combination of aesthetics and function to make your vehicle as unique as you are.


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