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A Ford Bronco Side Mirror represented by a photo of an ORACLE Lighting-branded Bronco

Now Available for Pre-Order! ORACLE Lighting LED Off-Road Ford Bronco Side Mirror Set: Ditch Lights for the 2021+ Ford Bronco!

Get your hands on a Ford Bronco side mirror upgrade designed specifically for off-roading, ORACLE Lighting LED Off-Road Side Mirrors for the 2021+ Ford Bronco! Also known as ditch lights, these innovative LED lights are a set of high-powered LED light bars that are seamlessly integrated into the factory side mirrors of the Ford Bronco. With this easy-to-install design your Bronco will maintain a sleek, OEM-like appearance, while providing functional peripheral illumination for the driver. The custom-designed LED side mirror caps, featuring 24 LEDs producing around 2250 Lm, have a 45° beam angle to enhance the driver's peripheral visibility.

Off-Roading Benefits of These Mirrors

Ford Bronco owners know its rugged and focused design make it a great vehicle for off-roading, and these LED ditch lights fit in perfectly with the existing features. The Ford Bronco is a versatile and capable vehicle that is perfect for exploring the great outdoors, so when you want to go off-roading, make sure it’s ready to go with the best lighting to make your adventure safe and exciting. Optimizing it with ORACLE Lighting off-roading accessories can take your Bronco to the next level.

Upgrading the lighting on your Ford Bronco can provide a number of benefits for your off-road experience. Firstly, upgrading to LED lights can increase visibility and peripheral illumination for the driver, making it easier to spot potential hazards on the trail. The 45-degree beam angle of these lights gives you an even bigger boost to your field of vision. Additionally, LEDs are more energy efficient and last longer than traditional halogen bulbs, reducing the need to replace them often. Our ditch lights can even improve the appearance of your vehicle and also increase the resale value. Overall, upgrading your Ford Bronco's ditch lights can provide a safer, more efficient and stylish off-road experience.

Why You Should Prioritize Peripheral Lighting Like A Ford Bronco Side Mirror Upgrade

Peripheral lighting, or lighting that illuminates the area around the vehicle, is very important for safe off-roading. Factory-standard lights mostly shine on what is directly in front of the vehicle, making it difficult to spot potential hazards while off-roading. Especially when trail riding, peripheral lighting is crucial as it enables the driver to spot any obstructions or hazards on the sides of the trail that could otherwise be missed.

When you go off-roading, you want to be able to see as much as possible, including rocks, ditches, and other hazards, in order to navigate through challenging terrain safely. Having good visibility also lets the driver to spot other off-roaders and wildlife, helping to avoid collisions. Clear and unobstructed views from the driver's seat give you the information you need to make quick decisions and course corrections while off-roading.

Good Looks By Design

ORACLE Lighting’s new Ford Bronco side mirror sets are not only functional, but also designed to look good. Features of this LED light bar’s custom design includes 24 powerful Cree LEDs, providing improved visibility and peripheral illumination for the driver. To ensure optimal performance, multiple aluminum heat sinks are incorporated to dissipate heat away from the LEDs. These heat sinks are designed to use the airflow through the mirror housing to increase cooling, similar to a radiator. With a 45° beam angle, each light bar optimizes peripheral visibility for trail riding, desert excursions, and more! 

We created this product with the goal of designing an LED light bar that would blend seamlessly with the vehicle's design, giving an appearance of being factory-installed. When you add light bars to your bumpers or roof racks, they can look like an afterthought. Instead, our LED light bars side mirrors look like they came with your Bronco. These mirrors blend form and function, providing the best of both worlds.


Easy Integration

ORACLE Lighting has designed these side mirrors to be compatible with all trim levels of the Ford Bronco, taking into account that factory features, such as cameras, puddle lights, and indicators, that may vary between trim levels. To do this, we created interchangeable blank plates. If your Bronco is equipped with these features, simply remove the blank plate and substitute in the factory component for a seamless appearance. If your Bronco does not have these features, you can leave the blank plates in place for a clean look. This design makes the mirrors adaptable to the different features of the Bronco trim levels.

ORACLE Lighting designed these LED off-road side mirrors to take advantage of the normal location of the factory side mirrors, which are designed to be within the driver’s field of vision while the driver is looking straight ahead. If the goal is to make it easier for the driver to see, this is a logical location for additional lighting. With these LED-illuminated side mirrors, off-roading becomes safer because the driver has an improved ability to see potential obstacles and hazards to the side of the vehicle, even out of the corner of their eye when looking straight ahead.

ORACLE Lighting’s Ford Bronco Side Mirror Set Is Built to Last

Each LED Ford Bronco side mirror features a durable polycarbonate housing, which has two times the strength of the Bronco’s factory-standard ABS housing and can easily be bolted onto your factory mounts. The included set of anodized rock guards serves as protection for the side mirrors’ LED acrylic lenses. The DBM Reflex LED optics inside the lenses are designed to focus the light efficiently, boosting the driver’s visibility.

Get Everything Your Ford Bronco Needs from ORACLE Lighting

ORACLE Lighting designs and sells everything you need to take your Ford Bronco off-roading on another level. We announce new products all the time, so keep an eye on our blog to stay up to date. We recently exhibited a ton of Ford Bronco products at SEMA 2022, including ORACLE Lighting’s Triple Fog Lights and Flush-Mount Tail Lights. We’re constantly engineering new ways to make your Bronco look good and perform better, on the road and off.


Product Features: 

• Designed and Engineered in the USA
• 24x 1 Watt Cree LEDs 
• 2200lm total output 
• 45 Degree LED Beam Angle 
• Advanced LED optics 
• Modular Components
• 2 Year Warranty 
• 6000K Color temp 
• 2 Amp Power Draw 
• Patent Pending Design

ORACLE PART#: 5894-001

MSRP: $419.95



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