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Dirk Stratton at LS Fest

Dirk Stratton at LS Fest

Dirk Stratton grew up in a car enthusiast family. They would travel to different NHRA races while Dirk packed his school work to go along with them. But when Dirk chose the drifting route, his family didn’t necessarily approve. However, when his father got to ride shotgun a few times, the family couldn’t help but support his racing.


ORACLE Lighting is a proud sponsor of Dirk and the Stratton Racing Team who travelled to Las Vegas Nevada for Holley LS Fest West. Holley LS Fest is an event created to honor all vehicles powered by the efficient GM LS engine. This was a unique opportunity for our Driftvette to be displayed at the Lingenfelter Performance Engineering booth in the vendor row at the event as well as compete in the drift challenge. There were 47 drivers for a top 32 competition.


Even having limited resources without our own rig and the extreme temperatures we were able to get the car dialed in and Dirk Qualified in 4th position. Dirk won the top32 battle and moved on to also win the top16 battle. In too 8 we would be pitted against veteran FD driver Odi Bakchis. Dirk knew he would need to drive 100% and not hold back in order to defeat Odi.


Dirk’s lead run was very high quality and Odi chased on his door. For the chase Dirk knew he would need to be right on Odi’s door. He pushed just a little too hard not expecting Odi to slow down when he did. In the moment Dirk decided to bail out and avoid crashing both cars which led to Odi moving on with the win. It was a great event nonetheless with a ton of spectators and participants. 

We at ORACLE Lighting love partnering with Dirk and the Stratton Racing Team and thank him for representing us in this space!

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