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First Look: PLASMA™ LED Wheel Rings - Available in RGB (ColorSHIFT®) & White


ORACLE’s PLASMA™ LED Wheel Rings are the latest advancement in our expansive lighting modifications. The PLASMA LEDs features a unique seamless ring of LEDs which means NO DOTS like you see with other LED Wheel Rings on the market. This is a PATENT-PENDNG feature only offered by ORACLE Lighting. This unique laser-like band of LED is super bright and is sure to get your car or truck noticed! If you are looking for lights for your rims to stand out, these RGB or White wheel rings are the ones for you!

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ORACLE Lighting illuminated LED wheel rings are an easy and effective way to light up the wheels on your car or truck! This head-turning lighting product consists of a set of (4) LED illuminated aluminum rings which install around the brake rotor and attaches to the brake dust shield. These can also be mounted to older vehicles with drum brakes. The effect is a large ring of light which accents custom wheels and stands out at events. Oversized 16.5” diameter is the largest on the market and fits oversized brakes.

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Installation is easy with waterproof Plug & Play Connectors that easily connect the individual rings to the central control box. Battery connection leads include ring terminals and in-line fuse for simplified wiring installation.


Upgrades to our LED wheel lights include thicker aluminum rings, waterproof connectors, and pre-installed brackets. If your vehicle does not have a brake dust shield, you will need to modify the brackets – watch this video for a step-by-step installation guide. Additionally, for vehicles with drum brakes, you may need to create a larger bracket or buy XL brackets in order to install your LED wheel lights on your Car, Truck, SUV or Jeep. reach out to our customer service for more answers to any of your questions. 


ORACLE Lighting PLASMA™ LED Illuminated Wheel Rings- WHITE
ORACLE PART #4238-051
MSRP: $299.95

White LED Wheel Ring Lights

ORACLE Lighting PLASMA™ LED Illuminated Wheel Rings- ColorSHIFT® RGB
MSRP: $399.95

RGB LED Wheel Rim LightsRGB LED Wheel ringsRGB LED Rim LightsRGB LED Wheel Rim Lights


Product Features:

  • Seamless LED Appearance
  • Patent-Pending Features
  • Universal Vehicle Fitment
  • LED Ring Diameter: 16.5”
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • Mounts to Brake Dust Shield
  • 3 Year Warranty


Package Contents:

  • (4) PLASMA Wheel Rings
  • (20) Stainless Brackets
  • (20) Installation Screws
  • (4) Waterproof Cables
  • (1) Easy Wiring Hub
  • BC2 Controller (RGB)

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