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How to Use LED Strip Lights on Your Car and Beyond

How to Use LED Strip Lights on Your Car and Beyond

image showing how to use LED strip lights on your car

It’s easy to learn where and how to use LED strip lights to boost visual effects in your car or home. If you’re looking for a simple way to transform your ride, read up on these tips for installing LED strip lights wherever you need them.

How to Use LED Strip Lights on Your Car

LED strip lights can be used on both the interior and exterior of your car, and if you choose strips specifically made for car usage, you’ll have no problem setting up your lights fast and getting them to last. 

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Adding LED strip lights to the footwells of your car will instantly raise the bar for your car’s lighting game. It’s a small detail that can make a huge visual difference, and you can choose to connect them to your dome light for illumination as soon as you open the doors.

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Underneath the Seats

If you want to enhance the effect of LED strip lights in the footwells of your car, you can install more strips underneath the seats, too. This is a quick add-on to your footwell LEDs if you want even more illumination, or you’re looking for a flashier LED lighting effect.

Underside of Your Car

Before you install your LED strip lights underneath your ride, make sure you use a cloth and clean up the area where the adhesive will be placed. You can also choose to use our Adhesion Promoter Pads as a primer for an extra secure hold. This will make sure that your strip lights will stick well and won’t come off while you’re driving. This process can also be made easier if you use a hydraulic jack for better underneath access, but that is not necessary for installation.

In the Engine Bay

We offer an entire kit to help you take on a larger LED strip light project with your car. LED strip lights in the engine bay can truly transform your ride from the inside out and are a great choice if you want to highlight a custom-painted hood or upgraded engine components.

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On Your Headlights

Installing LED strip lights on your headlights can give the front of your car instant attitude. Lots of luxury sports cars use distinctive daytime running light features that you can replicate yourself for an upscale look.

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image showing how to use led strip lights in your home

How to Use LED Strip Lights in Your Home

LED strip lights are also a popular and practical accessory for your home. There are lots of ways to use LED strip lights to easily upgrade any room in your house.

In the Garage

It’s where you keep your car, so why not add LED strip lights to your garage too? A multicolored option can give you the ability to change up the look of your garage to match your vehicle’s lighting set-up.

Especially if you don’t have any garage windows, it can be difficult to find things when you need them. Use plain white LED strips to help illuminate under shelves and in dark corners of your garage used for storage.

In the Kitchen

Underneath your kitchen cabinets is also a great place to put LED strip lights in the home. These lights can be installed discreetly and provide additional lighting for your counters and kitchen workspaces. ORACLE’s LED lighting strips can quickly and easily brighten up your kitchen for a luxury look.

For Your Gaming Setup

If your gaming or entertainment setup could use some personalization, place LED strip lights on the backside of your monitors and media consoles to give a glowing effect that won’t distract you from your game or show. Especially for gamers who stream on services such as Twitch, strip lights are a great way to stand out from the crowd.

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What LED Strip Lights to Buy

When it comes to picking the right LED strip lights for you, there are some key things to look out for:

  • Will you need the LED strips you buy to be made for indoors, outdoors, or for your car?
  • Do you want the strips to have multiple color options and lighting modes? 
  • Do you want control over brightness settings?
  • Are the lights you want music-responsive? 
  • Do you need the LED strips to be a specific length?

LED strip lights also come at a variety of price points, making it simple to stick to your budget while still getting the visuals you want.

Remember to always take measurements before purchasing LED strip lights to get your project done faster and easier. ORACLE Lighting can do the cutting and soldering for you too; contact us to get a price quote!

There are also tons of other non-strip LED lighting options for your car that you may want to look into if you’re happy with the results of your LED strip lights, with free install guides also available. 

Where to Buy and How to Use LED Strip Lights for Your Car and Home

Now that you understand how to use LED strip lights to step up your game, ORACLE Lighting can set you up with the best products on the market. We offer flexible LED strip lighting and concept LED strip options along with the best and newest lighting tech from our brand to customize your ride. Check out our online shop to see all the ways we can kick your car’s visuals into high gear.
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