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ORACLE Adhesion Promoter Applicator Pads

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  • ORACLE Part # 2082-504

    Sold as singles.

    New from ORACLE Lighting is a new convenient applicator system for tape adhesion promoter. This liquid primer is used to bond tape to common automotive surfaces, including Acrylic, ABS, PC, and Glass. Designed to be used with a wide variety of VHB foam tapes.

    Storage: Store in cool area out of direct sunlight.

  • Features:
    • Increases bonding effectiveness of double stick tapes.
    • Convenient packet applicator is easy to use.
    • Dries in approximately 30 seconds.
    • One packet covers approximately 1 Sq/Ft.

  • (1) Adhesion Promoter Applicator Pad

  • Application Tips: The bonding surface should be clean and dry. Contaminated surfaces should be cleaned with an untreated, lint-free cloth or to remove residue (wax, grease, dirt) use an isopropyl alcohol or paint prep solvent. Do not use in environmental conditions lower than 55°F. Apply a thin, uniform coating to the bonding surface, using the minimum amount that will fully coat the surface. Apply promoter only to areas that will be fully covered with tape. Although drying times may vary due to temperature and/or humidity, a drying time of 30-90 seconds is typically indicative of this thickness. The primer should be dry before applying tape. For best results, apply tape immediately after primer applica- tion or no more than one hour after primer application. Be sure the primed surface remains free from contaminants prior to tape application.

    Note: If the primer comes into contact with a painted surface clean the area with soap and water, do not allow liquid to sit on the painted finish.

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