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Our Best LED Lighting LED Upgrades For the Ram TRX

Our Best LED Lighting LED Upgrades For the Ram TRX

The Ford Raptor has received tons of attention since its introduction in 2010. At the time, it was easily the most capable truck you could buy straight off the showroom floor. And Ford has consistently refined the Raptor, adding more capability with each successive generation. Now in its third generation, the Ford Raptor features 14 inches of wheel travel in the front and 15 inches with its coil-sprung rear. It can even be had with optional 37-inch tires. For over a decade, no OEM offering could even come close to matching its capabilities.

That all changed with the introduction of the Ram TRX in 2021. With 13 inches of wheel travel, 35-inch tires and a host of other off-road orientated features, the TRX is another factory flyer capable of seriously gobbling up bumps in the dirt. And lurking under its hood is a massive 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 pushing over 700 horsepower. With all of those angry ponies and enough torque to reverse the Earth’s rotation, the TRX can sprint to 60 mph in a mind-altering 3.7 seconds. The Ford Raptor is no longer the only game in town.

Asking which one is more capable has been known to lead to civil wars. We will leave that for you to decide. But what we do know is that if you test the TRX’s capabilities in the dirt at night, you will quickly be wishing for more lumens. Thankfully, we have plenty of options at Oracle Lighting to add more light output to your Ram TRX. And, like our other vehicle offerings, we take the extra step of cleanly integrating our lighting solutions so they won’t ruin the looks of your truck. Let’s look at our top LED lighting upgrades for the Ram TRX and Rebel.

Off-Road Side Mirror Ditch Lights

 We are big fans of forward illumination at Oracle Lighting. And you are definitely going to need lots of it to keep up with the speeds the TRX is capable of. But a lot of people forget about the importance of peripheral lighting. Huck your TRX sideways into a dirt corner with all of that delicious horsepower, and you will be greeted with darkness. It can be hard to see off to the sides of your vehicle, even at slower trail speeds. Most factory headlights project light forward without throwing much illumination to the side.

Our Oracle Lighting Off-Road Side Mirror Ditch Lights solve that lack of peripheral-focused lumens in an innovative way. They seamlessly integrate into the TRX’s factory side mirrors for an uber-clean look that adds to the aggressive aesthetics of your Ram. Made of rugged polycarbonate, they are twice as strong as the factory mirrors to prevent breakage. Installation is simple and bolt-on using factory mounts, making upgrading to the Side Mirror Ditch Lights a quick and swear-word-free process. Best of all, inside the housings are 24 powerful Cree LEDs with a 45-degree beam angle. They put 2,250 lumens exactly where you need it on the side of your TRX. Check out our previous blog post for more details.

Front Bumper Flush LED Light Bar System

Prodigious use of the TRX’s go-pedal in the dirt will quickly have you outrunning the factory headlights. Throwing more illumination down the trail or desert track is critical to keeping your Ram TRX out of a ditch. But hanging a giant light bar off the roof of the TRX is a surefire way to ruin its rugged good looks. And non-integrated light bars mounted high on the windshield can create a whistling noise that will eventually drive you insane.

Keeping your sanity and the TRX’s appealing visuals is our Oracle Lighting Ram TRX Front Bumper Flush LED Light Bar System. We might be biased, but it is the cleanest way we know of to add 14,000 lumens to the front of your TRX. Our rugged housing blends perfectly with the factory front bumper, making for an ideal location for our high-powered Oracle Lighting 100-watt light bar. Eight of its LEDs use a flood pattern with 12 LEDs having a spot beam, creating a deep and broad field of light. It is available with 5,500K white, amber or yellow emitters to match it perfectly to a wide variety of conditions. Check out the video below for a closer look.



RGBW+A Headlight DRL Upgrade Kit

Our Oracle Lighting RGBW+A Headlight DRL Upgrade Kit won’t add lumens to your Ram TRX. But its attention-grabbing visuals will help it turn even more heads. Designed to fit Ram models with the factory LED DRL and projector headlight options, the new kit converts your boring factory DRLs to color-changing units. The replacement DRL boards can make hundreds of colors and light patterns. Even the brightness and speed of the functions can be controlled via multiple remote-control options.

Incorporated with their design are amber LEDS that provide a turn signal function through the DRLs, just like OEM. Regardless of color, our ColorSHIFT technology provides vivid and bright hues with extra-white LEDs for a crisp DRL color option. They can also be instantly switched over to a normal DRL for road driving. Pair them with our Demon Eye LED Projector Headlight Kit for a completely custom look that is sure to drop even more jaws.

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