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Product Spotlight: LED Wheel Rings

Product Spotlight: LED Wheel Rings

Folks who like to put their cars on display, whether at auto shows or just in a parking lot with fellow auto enthusiasts, are always looking for something to set their ride apart. LED lighting to accent parts of the car is a popular choice to make a car stand out, and LED wheel rings are one of the hottest looking options for lighting.

How Oracle LED Wheel Rings Are Made A car with LED wheel rings

Oracle Lighting manufactures all LED wheel rings in-house, ensuring the quality and performance customers have come to expect. LED wheel rings are made from aluminum that is cut to fit a variety of wheel sizes. The aluminum rings are bent and fixed with brackets to allow for easy mounting on a vehicle. Once the aluminum ring is complete, a strip of LED lights in a single color outfitted with our innovative ColorSHIFT technology is firmly attached to the ring, making it ready for installation.

Installing Oracle LED Wheel Rings

Oracle LED wheel rings are designed to be attached to the dust shield of a car's brakes. Older cars with drum brakes or cars without dust shields can still be fitted with LED wheel rings after some minor adjustments to make sure the brackets fit properly. The electrical components plug into the car's electrical system. The ColorSHIFT option requires the use of Oracle Lighting's ColorSHIFT controller to properly operate.

At Oracle Lighting, we've been producing high-quality, innovative automotive lighting components since 1999. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers at a fair price. Our LED wheel rings are the latest product designed and manufactured by us with you in mind. Shop our entire inventory by vehicle or find a store near you. Call Oracle Lighting toll-free at (800) 407-5776 to learn more. Customers in the New Orleans area, call (504) 835-0055.

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