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Six Gifts for Truck Owners Who Only Want the Best

Six Gifts for Truck Owners Who Only Want the Best

Finding gifts for truck owners is easy with ORACLE Lighting. We’ve got you covered with aftermarket lights for trucks that stand out and hold up to wear and tear from the gnarliest off-road adventures. Whether you’re looking for accessories for an extended crew cab or a tiny pickup, ORACLE has a solution for you.

Here are the best gifts for truck owners:

  1. LED Off-Road Side Mirrors
  2. Tailgate Light Bar
  3. LED Truck Bed Lights
  4. Ford Logo Puddle Lights
  5. Illuminated Wheel Rings 
  6. Wheel Well Underbody Lights

Aftermarket lights for trucks on a Ford Raptor

The Mud Lover: Gifts for Truck Owners

Most people want lighting solutions that are show-stopping, but that doesn’t mean they should stop truck owners from taking off-road adventures. Check out ORACLE’s picks for the best aftermarket lights for trucks that’ll withstand even the toughest drives.

LED Off-Road Side Mirrors

Our innovative LED F150 side mirrors contain a set of high-powered light bars integrated into the factory-style caps. The end result is a clean modification that fits like it’s from the OEM. ORACLE’s off-road side mirrors provide functional illumination on both sides of the truck, making them the perfect gifts for truck owners who need additional lighting to avoid branches and other obstructions on a trail. We offer models for Ford F150s and Raptors from 2009 to 2014 and 2015 to 2019.

Tailgate Light Bar

A tailgate light bar is another unique gift idea for a truck owner. Whether you’re buying for a pickup truck or a work truck, this tailgate light adds an extra layer of safety and functionality to any vehicle. Waterproof silicone covers the entire strip of lighting to protect it from the elements. The strip can easily be installed with the simple tools that are included in the kit. An adhesive tape backing along with screws and brackets make installation a breeze the same day. 

LED Truck Bed Lights

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who makes the most out of their truck bed, ORACLE’s LED truck bed cargo lights are a great choice. They add extra illumination for work and play, whether you’re finding tools or tailgating. Installation is simple, like most of our products, and should only take about 15 minutes. Just remove the adhesive backing, firmly place your lights, and then wire them to your car battery or another 12V source.

Underbody Rock Lights and Gifts for Truck Owners

The Show-Off: Aftermarket Lights for Trucks

ORACLE is second to none when it comes to high-quality aftermarket lighting accessories. Our inventory of thousands of products includes plenty of gifts for truck owners looking to draw attention and stand out from the crowd.

Ford Logo Puddle Lights

Make a grand entrance with ORACLE’s custom GOBO LED door projectors. Hooked up directly to door wiring, our Ford logo puddle lights project a jaw-dropping emblem on the ground just outside your truck. This product gets its name from its ability to illuminate any puddles next to where you’re parked. In addition to the Ford emblem, we offer puddle lights with a variety of other logos to match the make or theme of your truck.

Illuminated Wheel Rings

ORACLE’s single and double Illuminated wheel rings are another fun addition to easily put on to a truck. Our wheel rings are a quick way to light things up. This set consists of four illuminated, aluminum rings that are installed to your brake rotor and attach to the brake dust shield. You can also use these ring lights to mount up to the drum brake of older vehicles. The large ring of light that you get as a result stands out no matter where you are and accents your custom wheels. You can choose from single or double LED wheel rings in a variety of colors—or get our ColorSHIFT rings that can change hues dynamically, controlled by our smartphone app.

Wheel Well Underbody Lights

These color-changing rock lights allow you to change colors, control the brightness, and match your lighting with your music. ORACLE’s new wheel well underbody lights include a wireless remote but can also be controlled by a smartphone with our Bluetooth technology. These lights allow truck owners to choose from thousands of colors and give any vehicle the appearance of floating by illuminating the underbody.

Shop ORACLE for Gifts for Truck Owners

No matter if you’re looking to get a gift for a loved one or for yourself, ORACLE Lighting has everything you need. We’ve been providing quality aftermarket products since 1999 for a wide range of makes and models of new and classic cars. Shop online today

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