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Stratton Racing at The Holley LS Fest Drift Challenge

Stratton Racing at The Holley LS Fest Drift Challenge

The Stratton Racing team travelled to Bowling Green Kentucky to compete in the Holley LS Fest Drift Challenge. This year it would be a top 32 bracket with over 40 drift drivers in attendance and an incredible amount of spectators on site.



They qualified Friday night under the lights. The DRIFTVETTE was looking awesome with all of the Oracle lights glowing and shining!

Dirk made a couple of super clean and aggressive qualifying runs with a high score of 94 which made him the #1 Qualifier.



Luke Fink and Jonathan Nerren were behind Dirk in 2nd and 3rd place qualifier. Dirk would advance on past top32 and on to the top 16. For the top 16 Dirk would be going against JJ Alfaro who drives an old trans am with an LS swap. Dirk would lead first and what an amazing run he had with JJ far behind in the chase position.



The outside zones were all marked out with flour and when Dirk totally filled outside zone 2 flame from the exhaust caused the zone to blaze up into flames for a split second creating a super cool effect! Now with JJ leading and Dirk in the chase they take off together towards initiation. JJ did not initiate by the last point of initiation and Dirk was right on his bumper and started to initiate anticipating JJ to also initiate. Since JJ never initiated Dirk bumped him at the start of the zone and JJ lifted. Unfortunately the judges did not see it this way and they placed fault for the collision on Dirk and gave the win to JJ. It was a bummer way to end our weekend as we definitely had the car and driving to win the event. We did get great content and talked to so many fans over the weekend! 




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