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The Potential Advantages of Aftermarket Parts Over OEM Parts in Vehicle Repair

The Potential Advantages of Aftermarket Parts Over OEM Parts in Vehicle Repair

The Potential Advantages of Aftermarket Parts Over OEM Parts in Vehicle Repair

Terry Pritchard

Staff Writer

A colleague forwarded a link to an article discussing the high cost of repairs on modern vehicles. The article raises some interesting thoughts about the costs of repairs and the use of original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The discussion in the article got me thinking about the use of OEM and if aftermarket parts could be a better choice.

 The choice between aftermarket parts and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts is a crucial decision. We have almost been conditioned that OEM parts are designed and produced by the vehicle manufacturer and therefore they are the better option automatically. Despite this belief that OEM parts are always superior, there are compelling reasons why aftermarket parts can be a better choice in certain situations.


One of the primary advantages of aftermarket parts is their cost-effectiveness. Since aftermarket manufacturers usually will not have the same markup as OEM suppliers, they can produce and sell their parts, sometimes at a significantly lower price. This affordability becomes particularly significant for vehicle owners who are on a budget or want to save money on a single repair or multiple repairs without compromising on quality.

ORACLE Lighting Flush Style Taillights for the Ford Bronco

An example can be seen with a taillight that needs to be replaced. Pricing out the OEM 2022 Bronco Taillight from Ford would retail for around the $800 dollar per side of the vehicle. That would total between $1500 and $1600, if you needed to replace both. The ORACLE Lighting Flush Style Taillights for the Ford Bronco comes in under $500 for both light assemblies. These taillights feature a low-profile design that helps avoid potential damage while trail riding. The ORACLE Lighting Ford Bronco Flush mounted taillights have an attractive design and functional LED lighting elements including high-powered reverse lights.

Aftermarket parts offer a wider range of options and availability compared to OEM parts. The original manufactures produce parts for the actual production of the vehicles and for repairs and replacements. But the OE parts are prioritized to the assembly line for production models. This could limit availability and create longer waits when backlogged.

While OEM parts may be limited in terms of variety and design, aftermarket manufacturers can cater to a broader audience, providing numerous choices in terms of creativity and materials. This variety allows vehicle owners to select parts that meet their specific needs and preferences. The OE only produces a single part for the production and replacement application. This certainly helps maintain the appearance and aesthetic but limits the end user’s ultimate creativity when looking for a replacement.


Aftermarket parts often incorporate the latest technological advancements and innovations. Companies like Oracle Lighting are devoted to the development and innovation in the lighting industry and are not bound by the same restrictions as OEMs, allowing them to experiment with new materials, designs, and manufacturing processes. This flexibility can result in aftermarket parts that surpass the OEM counterparts in terms of LED lighting performance, durability, and overall functionality. 

Obtaining OEM parts can sometimes be challenging, especially for older or less common vehicle models. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are often more readily available and accessible. This increased availability ensures that vehicle owners can find the necessary components quickly, minimizing downtime and allowing for faster repairs.


ORACLE Lighting 2018-2023 Ford Mustang "Black Series" Dynamic ColorSHIFT LED Headlights w/ Sequential Turn Signal

An area that certainly allows aftermarket to surpass the OEM market is customization. Aftermarket manufactures, like ORACLE Lighting, cater to the growing demand for vehicle customization. Whether it's enhancing performance, modifying aesthetics, or adding unique features, aftermarket options provide a wide array of choices. This level of customization is often limited completely with OEM parts, which are designed to meet the manufacturer's specifications without considering individual preferences.


ORACLE Lighting 2019-2023 RAM 1500 DT LED Off-Road Side Mirror Ditch Lights

While OEM parts have their merits, the advantages of aftermarket parts in terms of affordability, variety, performance, accessibility, and customization make them a compelling choice for many vehicle owners.

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