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Upgrading Your Classic to Oracle Lighting LED Sealed Beam Headlights

Upgrading Your Classic to Oracle Lighting LED Sealed Beam Headlights


Driving an early muscle car, vintage truck or other classic ride is sweet. There is nothing like the feel of old iron, a V8 engine and analog everything. All that early goodness came wrapped in stylish bodies designed way before aerodynamics, efficiency and mass production became primary concerns. You can also work on a classic vehicle instead of being greeted by the seas of plastic found under the hoods of anything modern. Old cars have tons of character and soul that few vehicles today can touch.



One bummer of early vehicles as compared to their modern counterparts is their subpar headlights. The technology of the times produces light output comparable to a couple of dollar-store flashlights strapped to the hood. This lack of lumens makes driving at night a nerve-wracking affair with headlights that are less than helpful. The result can be an unpleasant driving experience or even damaging the car due to some unseen hazard. Neither of those is a great option anyone wants to experience.

At Oracle Lighting, we have multiple LED lighting solutions for early vehicles. They can retain the classic good looks or add some visual flair to your ride while dramatically improving headlight output, vision and safety. Our Oracle Lighting Sealed Beam Headlights come in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit classic cars and trucks. The 7-inch round versions are ideal for early muscle cars, while the 4x6-inch headlights fit many 1980s rides like F-body Chevy Camaros and Monte Carlos. Our 7x6-inch headlights are great for Ford and Chevy trucks from the same era. We even have 5.75-inch round headlights for the dual-headlight setups common to vehicles from the late 1950s to early 1960s.

All of our sealed beam options come with pre-installed halos to add even more style to your ride. The halos can be had in multiple colors to match your vehicle or whatever aesthetic you desire. Our innovative ColorSHIFT technology is also an option, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of colors and light patterns. And, unlike low-quality offerings, our Oracle Lighting halos are the brightest on the market to turn plenty of heads.

To dramatically improve vision at night, all of our sealed beam headlight offerings can be paired with our H4 LED Conversion Bulbs. With 3,200 lumens, they significantly increase output over bulbs using outdated technology. They also feature an eye-pleasing 6,000K color temperature that looks better and lights up the road more effectively. Our Oracle Lighting LED Conversion Bulbs paired with our Sealed Beam Headlights allow you to retain the classic looks of your ride while bringing its lighting performance into the modern era.

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