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What Are GOBO Lights?

What Are GOBO Lights?

What are GOBO lights? Have you ever taken a step out of your souped-up car and landed a foot right into a nasty mud puddle or worse? GOBO door projector lights can help illuminate the sidewalk next to your car and give your vehicle added flair.

Automotive enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to upgrade their cars with the hottest additions on the market. You might’ve seen a shiny new set of rims or even a nice mini-fridge installed into some vehicles. What sets some add-ons apart from others are their usefulness to the car owner.

New puddle lights will help you add some style to your car with ultimate functionality. One of the easiest and coolest ways to trick out your ride is to add some GOBO lights from ORACLE Lighting to your side doors.

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What Are GOBO Lights?

GOBO is an acronym that stands for “Go Between Optics,” which sounds high-tech, but is quite simple. GOBO lights have a small disk that is used to project an image or design. The disk, featuring a stencil or a template, “goes between” the light and another surface. This surface could be the ground with the installation of puddle lights on your vehicle’s doors or beneath your car. These lights illuminate the space below your car and even more interesting, GOBO lights tend to have certain features that are sure to turn heads.


The highly recommended, customizable design of ORACLE Lighting’s GOBO lights are everything your vehicle needs to ride in style. ORACLE Lighting offers a wide variety of logos and designs that will fit whatever color scheme or theme you have in mind.

Interested in showing pride in your car’s make? Want to represent New Orleans, or any other city that you hold dear to your heart? These projectors appeal to your fandom and show off your interests. Feel free to choose from any of ORACLE Lighting’s unique designs, including a plethora of superhero logos and charitable organization logos.

You can even do your own thing. We offer the option to have a custom design created for you or to turn any logo into your own GOBO light artistic rendering. With ease and flexibility, you can have new puddle lights sporting your passion wherever you go in no time. 

What Are GOBO Lights? Installation

GOBO Lights are the perfect do-it-yourself, quick upgrade for your car, Jeep, or SUV. The lights offer a straight-forward installation process.

For installation, you can remove the panel of your car door with a screwdriver that loosens the door handle and control panel (depending on your vehicle). Once the panel is unscrewed, remove it from your vehicle and expose the inside. You might need to use pliers for this part, but the paneling should slide right off. We include a hole saw installation tool so that you can correctly drill out the size needed for the light. After you have the correct hole size, simply connect the red and black to wire your lights with power. Next, replace your car door paneling, tightening the screws used to connect everything together and your new GOBO lights are ready for use.

For more detailed instructions, check out ORACLE Lighting’s guide for the installation of GOBO lights.

Upgrade Your Ride

GOBO lights are the perfect addition to your vehicle. What are GOBO Lights going to do for your car? These high-powered LED lights will illuminate the ground with your personal pattern or special logo. Often referred to as “puddle lights,” these built-ins can brighten your path.

They’ll let you know where you’re stepping when you get out of your car and alert you to any puddles that might be in your way. Plus, GOBO lights can help you make a head-turning entrance to any event.

ORACLE Lighting Helps You Answer: What Are GOBO Lights?

Individual lighting elements can make or break your car’s look. GOBO lights are one of the most inexpensive ways to freshen up your car’s appearance.

ORACLE Lighting is a world-renowned automotive lighting company with custom LED lighting solutions for your car, truck, or Jeep. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most innovative lighting products.

Now that you know the answer to the question “What are GOBO Lights?”, you know our GOBO projector door lights will have your car up and running in style quickly. Browse our supply of automotive lighting and upgrade your ride today.
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