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What Are The Types of Aftermarket Headlights?

What Are The Types of Aftermarket Headlights?

When you’re shopping for aftermarket headlights, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all of your choices! Luckily we’re here to help you find the best type of headlights for your particular vehicle’s needs. 

What exactly are aftermarket headlights? These are headlights that are purchased separately from your vehicle, as opposed to the ones that your vehicle came equipped with. 

People purchase aftermarket headlights for a variety of reasons. Most headlights that come pre-installed in your personal set of wheels are not nearly as bright as aftermarket headlights, so often people want aftermarket headlights in order to see better at night or during unpleasant weather. 

Pre-installed headlights also usually wear out much faster than aftermarket headlights. So if it’s time to replace your factory installation headlights, why not choose headlights that will stay brighter longer?

Aftermarket headlights are also often far more stylish and colorful than your pre-installations. Buying new aftermarket headlights is an easy and fun way to jazz up your ride.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of aftermarket headlights.

Sealed beam aftermarket headlights

Sealed Beam Headlights

If you’re looking to renovate an older car model, chances are that you will want to choose sealed beam headlights. Historically speaking, it used to be that sealed beam headlights were the only kind of headlights allowed to be manufactured or placed in U.S. vehicles. 

Nowadays, there is obviously a much wider selection of headlights out there. If you’re looking to preserve the look of your classic car, however, while also replacing its naturally much dimmer headlights, buying our sealed beam headlights is the way to go. You can preserve the retro look of your car while greatly increasing your driving visibility. 

LED Headlights

You’ve probably heard the word LED thrown around, but what does it actually mean? LED stands for light emitting diodes. 

LED aftermarket headlights function by turning electricity into light, a process that is about 90% more energy efficient than halogen headlights. LED lights are also far brighter than traditional headlights, without becoming painful for other drivers to look at. 

LED headlights are a great option if you want your headlights to be brighter, more reliable, and not too expensive.

purple halo aftermarket headlights on car

Halo Headlights

Looking for aftermarket headlights that make a bold fashion statement? 

One of the most popular types of aftermarket headlights are halo headlights. So named because of the luminous rings surrounding the headlights, halo headlights are a simple way to make a commonplace feature of your vehicle dazzle passerby.

SMD Halo Headlights

SMD headlights, or surface mount diode headlights, are one type of halo aftermarket headlights. This basically means that the tiny individual LED lights are arrayed on the circuit board to create the ring of brightness. 

Our aftermarket SMD halo headlights come with an inline LED driver to protect your headlights from voltage fluctuations. This means that your halo headlights will shine reliably brighter for a longer period of time.

color changing halo aftermarket headlights

ColorSHIFT Halo Headlights

Our ColorSHIFT halo aftermarket headlights operate just like our SMD headlights, but with an extra dash of bold fun that allows you to change the color of your halo headlights with just the touch of a button. 

You can not only instantaneously shift the color of these headlights, but the pattern as well. Your ColorSHIFT halo headlights can fluctuate between designs such as strobe, smooth, and fade. 


Finally, our plasma halo aftermarket headlights are another excellent option. Our plasma halos use chip on board (C.O.B.) technology, which basically means that the circuit board and LED lights are one piece. This helps ensure that your plasma halo headlights have a long life span and that they do not overheat. The small LED lights are arranged close together around the circuit board in order to shine brighter. 

blue demon eye aftermarket headlights

Demon Eye Headlights

Another popular aftermarket headlight style is the demon eye look. While halo headlights feature a ringed look, demon headlights are instead designed to be a solid and vivid color. You can also upgrade to our ColorSHIFT demon eye headlights, so that you can cycle endlessly between different colors. 

Our demon headlights are compatible with our customized project lens glass etched headlights. This means that if you want to shine a particular design with your lights, such as your car logo or a skull and crossbones, you can!

Xenon/HID Headlights

Are you more concerned with function than fashion? Consider choosing Xenon headlights, otherwise known as high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights. 

Most factory-installed headlights are halogen bulbs. Compared to these traditional headlights, however, Xenon aftermarket headlights are capable of producing far brighter light while using less energy and becoming less hot to the touch. 

This not only makes Xenon lights a more environmentally friendly option, but furthermore makes HID lights an excellent choice for nighttime, bad weather, or off-road driving.

Xenon headlights are significantly brighter than even LED lights. However, since they require more energy to light up, HID headlights will likely need to be replaced more frequently. 

Looking for Aftermarket Headlights? We’ve Got You Covered

Oracle Lighting has been considered for years the premier one-stop-shop for whatever type of aftermarket headlight your heart desires. Check out our full range of products today!

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