ORACLE Sealed Beam 7x6 Headlight with Pre-Installed SMD Halo

  • $114.94

ORACLE Part # Color/Option
6908-001 White
6908-002 Blue
6908-003 Red
6908-004 Green
6908-005 Amber
6908-007 UV/Purple
6908-333 ColorSHIFT

Upgrade your vintage car or truck with ORACLE’s sealed beam 7x6 headlight unit, which will give your ride a whole new look. 

Each 7x6 unit comes pre-installed with an ORACLE LED halo and is available in a variety of colors to meet your needs. Amber halos can be used as turn signals. Blue, green, and red color options are intended for show use only. Plus, with our ColorSHIFT headlamp, you can change the color of your headlights at any time with a controller or remote.

Our sealed beam conversion unit includes a composite reflector housing and allows you to use a replaceable H4 bulb (sold separately). It’s easy to install directly to a 12V power source. No external inverter or regulator is required. Watch the video installation guide below to have our team show you how to upgrade your ride.

This headlamp fits cars, trucks, and vans with one rectangular 7x6 headlight per side, including many classic models. Some vehicles may need lamp bucket modification.

Package Includes: 
- (1) Sealed Beam 7x6 Headlight Unit with pre-installed ORACLE SMD Halo

Product Features:
- Replaces H6014, H6052, H6054, and 6054 headlights
- Pre-installed with an ORACLE SMD LED halo
- Quality Glass Lens Sealed Beam Complete Headlight
- Composite reflector housing
- Works with H4 bulbs (sold separately)
- Installs directly to a 12V power source
- One-year full replacement warranty

- Also known as 5x7 headlamp
- Color-changing option requires the use of a ColorSHIFT controller (sold separately) to properly operate.


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