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ORACLE Lighting D1S Xenon Replacement Bulb (Single)

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Replace your factory HID lights with ORACLE Lighting’s Xenon HID replacement bulbs that are expertly designed and accurately manufactured to match OEM fitment perfectly. If you have a non-functioning bulb or just want to upgrade the vehicle’s lighting, avoid a dealership that may mark up the price. The ORACLE Lighting line of Xenon Replacement bulbs is the perfect solution.
Xenon HID bulbs produce extremely bright illumination while using little energy. They come in varying degrees of color from pale yellow to white and blue-purple. These Xenon HID bulbs easily install in under 30 minutes for a complete upgrade of your vehicle with a better output than the OEM bulbs. Filled with Xenon gas, these bulbs also offer greater visibility for nighttime driving. Our long-lasting bulbs will lead the way for a clearer drive wherever you want to go.
Please note that when changing your factory HID bulbs to new replacements, it is advisable to change both bulbs at the same time. Years of use of a factory HID bulb can cause the bulb to change color, which will not match the new replacement bulb.

ORACLE Part# Color
6205-013 6000K
6205-014 8000K

Product Specs:
- Easy Installation, Installs in Under 30 Min!
- 35W Xenon Gas Filled HID bulb, No Filament.
- More impressive light output than OEM bulbs.
- Longer Lifespan than equivalent counterparts.
- Greater night-time visibility.
- 1 Year manufacturer warranty.

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