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ORACLE Lighting 2014-2023 Polaris RZR 900 / 1000 Turbo Dynamic ColorSHIFT RGB+A Surface Mount Headlight Halo Kit

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  • ORACLE Part # 1439-332

    Customize your offroad adventure with head-turning LED styling from ORACLE Lighting! The Dynamic RGB+A headlight halo kit for the 2014-2023 Polaris RZR 900, 1000, XP, Turbo, and Turbo S models features our expertly-crafted surface-mount waterproof design and our Dynamic ColorSHIFT® RGB+A technology for brilliant chasing colors and turn signal functionality with the best quality LED components.

    Encased in a special polymer resin, our surface mount halos are completely waterproof (meaning they can function properly even when submerged underwater), and they easily install by attaching directly to the exterior of the headlight lens using a patent-pending system. We also use advanced LED chips that produce an impressively bright output while consuming less power. This simple process cuts down installation time from hours to just minutes!

    No removing the headlights, no baking the lights, no cutting the lights! 

  • Features:
     Bright output with less power consumption
     IP67 waterproof surface-mount technology for easier installation to the lens
     Ultra-customized styling with moving multi-color patterns and turn signal functionality with Dynamic ColorSHIFT® RGB+A
     1 year warranty

    • Fits 2014-2023 Polaris RZR 900, 1000, XP, Turbo, and Turbo S models
    • Warranty period covers the LED and driver components. Hard part decay due to UV damage, oxidation, or environmental conditions is not covered under this stated period.
    • White and amber are street-legal colors. Other colors not intended for on-road use; please verify your state and local driving laws.

    The latest advancement in our expansive lighting modifications, our Dynamic ColorSHIFT technology allows the user to run multi-color moving patterns. Conveniently controlled through a free smartphone app, the system features over 200 pre-programmed moving patterns as well as static color control and white mode for normal street driving. In addition to the pre-programmed features, the user can also create custom designs through pixel editing in the app. The new RGB+A (RGB+ Amber LED) SWITCHBACK line-up features Amber LEDs creating the exclusive dynamic FLOW turn signal effect.  

    These vividly eye-catching lighting effects are sure to wow any car enthusiast, and the chasing RGB halos are made stress-free by our surface-mount installation and plug-and-play wiring. Connect the ring terminals to the + and - battery terminals, then control your lights with the smartphone app from the included Dynamic ColorSHIFT® controller.

    Using the latest lighting technology, our cutting-edge halo kits for cars are a great way to personalize your ride with show-stopping looks and industry-leading performance. Stand out from the look-alikes with an ORACLE Lighting halo kit!

  • Kit includes the following:
    • (2) Polaris RZR 900S/1000 XPDynamic ColorSHIFT RGB+A Halos
    • (1) Data Splitting Hub with Constant Current LED Driver
    • (1) Dynamic Bluetooth Controller
    • Turn Signal Relay Adapter

    App: MagicLED

    App Protocol Setting: GRB SK6812-RGBW


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