LED Whip Lights and Accessories

ORACLE’s LED whip lights help you stand out from the crowd wherever your adventures take you. Built with a quick-connect plug, your new offroad whip easily attaches to a dirt bike, ATV, 4x4, UTV, motorcycle, or other vehicle. 

No matter where you’re offroading, installing a whip and flag is best practice to increase visibility and safety. Some parks even require you to have a whip on your OHV before heading out on trails or other open areas. Our LED whip lights do double duty by helping you stay safe while making a lasting impression. High-quality polycarbonate tubing adds resistance and flexibility, and ORACLE’s whips are weather- and shock-resistant and, like all of our products, are built to last.

Our whip lights are equipped with double-sided LEDs in a variety of colors, including white, red, blue, green, and amber. Or change colors with the click of a remote with ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT LED whip lights, which come with the included wireless remote. Designed to match any color scheme, these LEDs will help you turn heads whether it’s night or day.

Depending on the height clearance you want, ORACLE offers two length options for LED whip lights: four and six feet. All whip lights also include a custom ORACLE logo flag and a power input connector. 

Take your OHV to the next level with accessories such as a spring mount, folding mount clamp, or quick-connect attachment:

ORACLE Lighting’s heavy-duty spring mount adds flexibility and impact resistance to any whip. Our adjustable clamp mounts help you attach your new whip to any vehicle. For easy installation and de-installation, our quick-connect attachment makes it so you can plug and unplug your whip at a moment’s notice.

Our easy-to-install LED whips have a 50,000-hour lifespan and include a 12-month warranty. Order your LED whip lights today and get rolling.