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ORACLE BA9S 5 LED 3 Chip Bayonet Bulbs (Pair)

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ORACLE Interior LED Replacement Bulbs are designed with quality and ease-of use in mind. We maintain the factory bulb specifications so that we can insure that the LED bulb installs as easy as the factory bulb that you remove. Our wallet-friendly 1-Chip LEDs are great for projects with a small budget while our 3-Chip LEDs blow away any competitor in terms of quality and brightness. 

-ORACLE Lights use super flux high output LEDs with surface mount technology
-ORACLE LEDs have a lifespan much greater than stock lights - up to 20x longer life.
-ORACLE Quality and warranty that you can depend on.
-Easy installation that anyone can do at home in just seconds.

4904-001 White


-3 Chip Technology surpasses the 1 Chip Technology with an Ultra intense light output.
-Commonly used in Parking, License Plate, and Interior Lights.
-Fits BA9S 53, 57, 182, 233, 257, 363, 1445, 1895, 6253, 64111, 39431, H6W, T4W, 3886X, Q65

Package Content: 1 Pair of ORACLE SMD Bayonet Bulbs

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