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ORACLE Sidetrack™ LED Lighting System for Jeep Wrangler JL/ Gladiator

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  • ORACLE Part# 5861-504

    ORACLE Lighting’s new Sidetrack™ LED Lighting System is a stylish and functional upgrade for Jeep Wrangler JL and Jeep Gladiator models. This tactical-inspired body cladding is equipped with multi-function integrated LED lights that provide benefits to both driver and passengers.

    The light modules consist of a pair of injection-molded inserts that fit in the original body lines and contour the factory fender vent for a seamless look. Matte black panels provide an aggressive look that adds a rugged and tactical appearance to the Jeep. Installation requires no modification to the fender sheetmetal; the cladding simply applies with included VHB adhesive.

    • 2018-2024 Jeep Wrangler JL
    • 2020-2024 Jeep Gladiator JT

    U.S. Design Patent No. D930860

  • Entry Light Feature:
    The LED “Entry Light” features high-output white LEDs which is a side-light intended to illuminate the area outside of the vehicle for the driver and passengers approaching the vehicle at night. This convenient feature allows the driver and passengers to identify puddles, potholes, and other hazards when entering and exiting the vehicle. The entry lights are connected to the vehicle’s dome light circuit so the entry lights will activate when the vehicle is unlocked, when the doors open, and can be manually turned on with the factory control knob.

    Turn Indicator Feature:
    The LED “Turn Indicator” addresses a potential safety issue with the US- spec Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator models which do not have a clear indicator on the side of the vehicle. This can be inconvenient when changing lanes with a vehicle is positioned in the Jeep’s blind spot, this blind spot is increased substantially on lifted vehicles. By adding a bright amber indicator in a clearly visible position, the Sidetrack™ provides a needed visibility benefit for lifted Jeeps.

  • Box Contents:
    • (2) Sidetrack Modules RH/LH
    • Wiring Connector Terminals
    - 1 Year Warranty

  • Installation Tips:
    • Install is possible without rivet removal; however, this does make install easier. If you do remove the rivets as shown in the video, we suggest having replacements on hand. Suggested part is MOPAR Part #: 6506007AA

    • If installing on Gladiator Sport, the rubber grommet may appear slightly different than the video. Installation process will remain the same.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Daniel Picard
Not to shabby

Well, at 1st I was a bit hesitant to install them because of needing to notch the factory fender vent but after watching a few YouTube tutorials I realized it wouldn’t show even if I stopped using the lights. My suggestion would be to hop on Amazon and buy Christmas tree clips and the other inner fender clips in case you break a few. The clips that you push in to remove DO need to be replaced with new ones so be prepared. Wiring is a breeze with the supplied material. All I all I love them. They look cool and honestly the light at night is super helpful. It’s the item I didn’t know I needed.

Thank you so much for the review Daniel and for sharing your twist on the installation.

Randall U.
Jeep should put this type of setup on all Gladiators!

Ive had the side track lights on my Gladiator for around 2 years they work great. They make navigating interstate lanes much easier. Really Jeep should put this type of setup on all Gladiators. There is a huge distance between being able to see the rear turn signal and the front torn signal. So people in that zone have no idea you are signaling. Great product.

A Must Have ...

These work perfectly on our Wranglers and Gladiator ... as we all know ... people are not paying as much attention on the roads as they should be ... These bright amber turn signals instantly get their attention and the puddle lights really help to light up the whole area around the Jeep too!

Excellent Design and Build

The fit is like a factory option. As a plug and play device it goes in ALMOST as easily promised. I have a 2021 JL and there are a couple of differences form the video and install instructions I found in my install. In removing the wheel wells for the out plastic rivets I only needed to remove #2, 3 & 4 counting up from the backside of the outer fender. Getting through the passenger firewall was simple but it was through a nipple on the grommet above the wire harness. I just trimmed the tip off with scissors, Lubed up a 12awg solid copper wired and fished it through from the engine side easily in to the passenger footwell. The included connectors were quality, equal to the entire system. The lighting system exceeded my expectations. Thanks guys.

Jason P
Incredible product and an awesome install.

- Easy install
- Incredible lighting - just bright and clear.
- Reduced the giant dark wall of the Jeep JL

Cons -
- Not really a con - but when wiring the ground and wiring into the courtesy light, I followed a YouTuber's advice and spliced the black wires together and the yellow wires together, and included a line to run to the connection - this reduces the numbers of ground taps, and the number of wires into the cabin.

So first - watch the videos - they are really well done and clearly highlight the installation - which took my son and I about 90 minutes all in. I drilled through the vent with a 1/8 in bit that cleared a channel for the wiring. This reduced the friction between the plastic and the trim. Seems totally optional but seemed to make sense. I put a plastic shim in between and ran a drill into the plastic and it was quick and painless.

Lastly, be very deliberate on placement - these things fit PERFECTLY when you align them - but once you stick it in place, its very hard to adjust. Align it against the vent, hovering about the paint, and then go straight in. And once in, they are beautiful. These should come from the factory

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