Tesla Model X Products: Tesla Model X Upgrades with Customizable Lighting

Tesla Model X upgrades come in all shapes and sizes, and ORACLE Lighting is your best source for new, innovative lighting solutions to make your ride stand out in all the right ways. Tesla drivers love pushing the limit of dynamic car designs, so our collection of Tesla Model X upgrades maximizes the custom lighting potential of each vehicle to help you stand out from the crowd.

Featured Products: Tesla Model X Lights

Tesla Model X lights already shine to perfection, but don’t have the customization options that car enthusiasts crave. Our Model X Dynamic ColorSHIFTⓇ Headlight and Fog Light DRL Upgrade Kits use cutting-edge lighting modifications to expand the color capabilities of your current Tesla Model X lights. These innovative Dynamic ColorSHIFTⓇ DRL boards allow you to control your head and fog light colors through over 200 pre-programmed moving lighting patterns, with the ability to customize your lights any way you like with pixel editing through a smartphone app. Each model comes with a street-legal white mode setting for normal street driving, so you can express your style with color at the right time.

Want even more customization? Our ColorSHIFTⓇ LED Underbody Kit provides the same vibrant light effects, designed to shine out from the car’s underbody. Over 5050 LED chips work together to create the illusion of your Tesla floating on air for the ultimate statement.

ORACLE Lighting’s Tesla Model X upgrades don’t stop at exterior lights! Our Ambient LED Lighting Flexible Strip Footwell Kit lets drivers add unexpected color to their driver or passenger side footwells. Easy-to-install and waterproof, the LED strips can be put anywhere you want a flash of impressive light. Our Fiber Optic LED Interior Kit, also with ColorSHIFTⓇ technology, expands your options for impressive ambient light around your car’s interior. You deserve to enjoy color whether you’re sitting in the driver’s seat or admiring your ride from afar, so deck it out with the best Tesla Model X upgrades available.