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ORACLE Lighting Multifunction Reflector-Facing Technology LED Light Bars

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$179.95 - $514.00
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Using the latest RFT (Reflector Facing Technology) optics to optimize LED efficacy, these new LED Light Bars from ORACLE Lighting stand above the rest. This patent-pending design features an ultra-slim body which makes mounting and fitment easier than ever before. Dual heavy-duty mounting brackets provide options to mount these bars in a variety of applications where other LED light bars will not work. The Amber and White LED Clearance Lights enable the user to utilize integrated running (DRL) and marker lights for enhanced visibility. The RFT optic system makes these light bars effective range (1 lux) up to 2000 ft away!

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Light Bar Overall Features:
- Features Reflector-Facing-Technology
- Dual Heavy Duty Mounting Options
- Electronic Thermal Management (EMT)
- ECE R10 CE and RoHS Certifications
- Amber and White LED Clearance Lights
- 4 Pin Deutsch Waterproof Connector- Beam Angle: 40° Driving Beam- Color Temperature: 5500K-6000K- Advanced Optic Design for Optimal Visibility

Part Number Length: Raw Lumen: Effective Lumen: Peak Intensity:  Total Wattage: Total Amp Draw:  Max Projection Distance:
5900-14-023 14" 6,400LM 5,400LM 159,000CD 64 Watts 4A @12V DC 1Lux@399M
5900-20-023 20" 12,000LM 9,600LM 273,000CD 120 Watts 7.6A @12V DC 1Lux@522M
5900-30-023 30" 14,400LM 11,500LM 342,000CD 144 Watts 9.2A @12V DC 1Lux@585M
5900-50-023 50" 18,000LM 14,200LM 420,000CD 240 Watts 14.5A @12V DC 1Lux@648M

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