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Elevate your off-road excursions with the state-of-the-art ORACLE Lighting Side Mirror LED Ditch Lights. Specifically designed for
compatibility with a variety of vehicles, these high-powered LED light bars seamlessly integrate into factory-style side mirrors, providing a sleek OEM+ appearance. Enhance your visibility and safety on the trails with this cutting-edge lighting solution.



The ORACLE Lighting Side Mirror LED Ditch Lights boast a custom vehicle specific design featuring 24x 1W Cree LEDs, delivering an impressive total output of 2200 lumens. With a 45-degree beam angle, these lights optimize peripheral visibility for the driver, ensuring a comprehensive view of the surrounding terrain. The advanced LED lighting optics and 6000K color temperature contribute to a crisp, clear illumination that enhances your off-road experience.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the integration into the side mirrors. Our patented design allows for easy setup, and each unit comes with a 2-year warranty, ensuring lasting performance on your adventurous journeys. The low 2 Amp power draw ensures efficiency without compromising on brightness.

Why settle for standard lighting when you can have functional peripheral illumination? Unlike factory headlights and most auxiliary lights that only illuminate the front, the ORACLE Lighting Side Mirror LED Ditch Lights provide a crucial extension of visibility to the sides of the trail. This is especially beneficial for off-road activities like trail riding, where spotting obstructions on the sides is essential for avoiding potential hazards.

The functionality of these ditch lights goes beyond the ordinary. The side mirrors are strategically placed in the driver's field of vision while driving, making them an ideal location for mounting effective and functional lighting. Whether you're navigating rocky terrains or tackling challenging trails, having clear visibility on both sides of the trail is paramount for spotting potential obstacles and ensuring a safe off-road experience.

Equip your vehicle with the ORACLE Lighting Side Mirror LED Ditch Lights to elevate your off-road adventures. Don't compromise on safety and visibility – invest in the best and conquer the trails with confidence.



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