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How We Did it...

DRL Ingress Protection Re-Engineered:

The most noticeable issue with the Gen 1 Vector Grill is that the DRL seal could be compromised, allowing moisture to enter the housing. The new PROSERIES DRLs are now completely encapsulated in silicone before being assembled. This is done with a custom (newly purchased) and specifically calibrated piece of equipment that fills the channel consistently every time. This increases the IP rating to IP68 and makes moisture penetration nearly impossible. 

This advancement took months to complete because over a dozen different improvement techniques were tested and subjected to QC before a decision was made. 

Control Plan Re-Engineered:

We worked with our factory QC team to adopt extensive post-production testing to eliminate any potentially problematic parts early in the process. 

DRL Testing: module is designed to operate with a Nominal, Min, and Max supply voltage and maximum battery voltage detailed in the specification for the DRL module. These are used during tests and documented as VNOM, VMIN, VMAX and VBATT (MAX) respectively. These voltages are defined as follows: 

VMIN: 9VDC / VNOM: 12V DC / VMAX: 16.5V DC / VBATT: 14.5V DC 

Test Specification: SAE J1455 Section 

Test Method: Testing will be done in one of two temperature ranges: 

1) -40°C to +85°C               2) -30°C to +70°C 

Samples shall be exposed to 150 cycles at VMIN and 150 cycles at VMAX (300 total) of the required temperature range. 

Pass Criteria: Samples shall be functional during and after exposure to both of the temperature extremes.

These improvements have already won the attention of and awards from the industry:


ORACLE Lighting is proud to announce the new Vector™ ProSeries Grill for the new 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL ,2020 Jeep Gladiator JT, and 2007-2018 Wrangler JK models. This patented replacement grille includes integrated LED lights: DOT compliant headlights and high-beams, innovative sequentially firing enhanced Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), and quad driving lights. Game-changing in its design and engineering, the ORACLE Vector™ ProSeries Grill offers enthusiasts a new innovative look while also adding functionality by providing drivers with increased visibility.

“ORACLE Lighting couldn’t be more pleased with the official launch of the new Vector™ ProSeries Grill,” comments Robert Smith, ORACLE Lighting National Sales Manager. “The Vector™ design is a forward-thinking twist to the look of the JL while delivering more features, safety and visibility for drivers, especially in lifted rigs. The Vector™ represents our company’s strong commitment to delivering American engineered lighting solutions that help consumers get the most out of their trucks doing what they love.”

After the original JK Vector™ Grill prototype was previewed at the 2017 SEMA show, ORACLE Lighting worked to further enhance almost every aspect of the grille. In 2018, ORACLE showcased their “V2” design enhancements for the Vector™, which won a SEMA Global Media Award. And now, new for 2019, ORACLE is presenting the ORACLE Vector™ ProSeries Grill for both JK and JL models available now.

The ProSeries enhancements for both the JK and JL models include upgraded LEDs for a smoother start-up sequence, 300% increased contact seal-patch with redundant waterproofing surfaces, a 200% thicker lens and several other improvements and redundancies to insure the durability and longevity that Jeep enthusiasts demand.

The ORACLE Vector™ ProSeries Grill is shipped fully-assembled for easy installation. The assembly’s grille shell is manufactured from automotive-grade polycarbonate that is 30% thicker than stock OE material. The Vector™ ProSeries Grill ships in paint-ready black satin; for DIY paint-prep, the ORACLE website includes a light-removal how-to video. Alternately, ORACLE can also custom-paint the Vector™ Series Grill in any factory color on a special-order basis.

In addition to significantly improved illumination over the existing OE lighting system, the Vector™ ProSeries Grill offers independently adjustable beams. ORACLE pre-installs the lights in neutral positions based on the stock Wrangler stance, and adjusters are included for both projection distance and wide cornering visibility. ORACLE accomplishes this by separating the low-beams into two individual units- Driving Beam (narrow / long-distance beam) and Low Beam (wide / short-distance beam. This is particularly beneficial on lifted Jeeps: light beams can be easily and accurately aimed to avoid blinding oncoming drivers while also creating vastly improved visibility based on the driver’s seating position.

The ORACLE Vector™ ProSeries emit 4,000 lumens from a total 24 high-output ZES LEDs which are high-end LED chips manufactured by Philips. The light output is very impressive, however, the Vector™ ProSeries Grill’s signature feature is its enhanced dynamic Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). Arranged in an eye-catching wrap-around pattern, the DRLs flow sequentially on DRL start-up and provide standout illumination during driving. The overall effect is created by more than 200 high-out LEDs housed inside of a tinted lens that diffuses the LEDs into a smooth pattern.

Developed and engineered by Oracle Lighting in the USA to ensure factory quality and fitment, the ORACLE Vector ProSeries JL Grill is backed by a two-year warranty.

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