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Vector Grill Update

Vector Grill Product Update Video: 

Vector Grill Product Update FAQ:

Will the new grill look visibly different?
No, the changes made are structural changes on the back side of the grill/DRLs. Below you will see a photo of the prototype housing for the JL/JT grill.
What's been changed?
Additional clips have been added to the DRL strips along with the designated area on the grill housing. This is designed to provide a more secure seal into the housing which in turn will help prevent any separation between the DRL and the housing itself. This separation was where moisture was able to enter into the DRLs resulting in LED failure.
When are the new housings shipping?
Wrangler JK: Grills have already shipped and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive on the updated design.

View the Vector Grill for JK

Wrangler JL / Gladiator JT : The revised housings are currently in production and will begin allocating to orders as soon as they are available for shipping. The grills will be shipped in the order that the housings were reserved however we are not able to determine your spot in line. Once shipped, tracking information will be shared.
What comes with the new housing?
You will receive a flat black housing with new DRLs installed. The remaining components will need to be transferred from your original grill. You can view how to disassemble the grill here.

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