2007-2010 Suzuki GSXR 750 ORACLE Motorcycle Halo Kit

  • $169.00


ORACLE Halo Kits are the single most "head-turning" modification you can do for such a small investment. Each ORACLE Halo utilizes the latest lighting technology and the highest quality materials available on the market.

Whether CCFL, SMD, or Plasma, each halo can be seen vividly even in Direct Sunlight! Regardless of what you drive we have a Halo solution for you.

ORACLE Halo's are covered by a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.

*ColorSHIFT Halo Kits include our ColorSHIFT Wireless RF Controller 

Kit includes the following:
- (1) ORACLE Halos of Your Choice
- (1) ORACLE Ballasts(CCFL) or ORACLE Drivers(SMD/PLASMA/ColorSHIFT)
- Vehicle Specific Wiring
- Installation Instructions

CCFL Halo Kit 2389-031 8000K
CCFL Halo Kit 2389-038 10000K
CCFL Halo Kit 2389-033 Red
CCFL Halo Kit 2389-035 Amber
LED Halo Kit 2389-001 White
LED Halo Kit 2389-002 Blue
LED Halo Kit 2389-003 Red
LED Halo Kit 2389-004 Green
LED Halo Kit 2389-005 Amber
LED Halo Kit 2389-006 Yellow
LED Halo Kit 2389-007 UV/Purple
LED Halo Kit 2389-009 Pink
LED Halo Kit 2389-330 ColorSHIFT
PLASMA Halo Kit 2389-051 White
PLASMA Halo Kit 2389-052 Blue
PLASMA Halo Kit 2389-054 Green


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