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ORACLE 16" PLASMA Switchback DRL Strip - (Single)-ON BACKORDER

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ORACLE Part # 4509-023

This item is currently on backorder.

New from ORACLE Lighting are the 16" PLASMA Switchback DRL Strips! Our PLASMA DRL offers a brilliant 6,000K white output. The light output is super bright and uniform. Aluminum backing is perfect for optimum heat dissipation. BONUS! These new strips allow for Amber Switchback! Our strips now have the ability to switch to an Amber output & Flash while the Turn Signal is activated on your vehicle. Very flexible for easy molding and installation.

Product Specifications:
- 16" Flexible Chip on Board Style Strip
- 2MM Thickness
- Super Bright White & Amber Output
- 12 Volt Powered
- Aluminum Backing for optimum heat dissipation
- Activates White in DRL Mode
- Activates Amber and flashes in Turn Signal Mode
- 2 Year Warranty

*Note* These strips can not be cut or modified.

Simple 3 Wire Connection
• Black Wire (-) = Ground
• Red Wire (+) = Positive(White Output)
• Yellow Wire = Amber (Connects to your turn signal wiring)  

Package Includes:
- 1 x ORACLE 16" PLASMA Switchback DRL Strip


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