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ORACLE LED Dimmer Switch - Potentiometer

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ORACLE Part # 1708-001

The ORACLE LED Dimmer Switch is a universal single color LED dimmer.Can dim any 12V to 24V LEDs from 0%-100% brightness using a circuit control knob. Has screw terminal connect for power in and out connections and has a maximum load of 8 Amps. Always observe proper polarity when connecting power and load. Easy to use and easy installation. Perfect for single color SMD strips.

*For indoor use only this product is not waterproof/weatherproof 

Product Specifications:
• Supply Voltage: DC 12~24V
• Length 3.5 in
• Width 2.3 in
• Height 1.4 in
• Weight: 3.0 oz
• Max load current: 8 Amps
• Output: 1 channel
• Working temperature: -4~140F
• Static power consumption: < 1 Watt
• Output Power: 96 Watts
• Function: Dim LEDs from 0~100% brightness.

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