ORACLE Lighting Multifunction LED Plow Headlight with Heated Lens - PRE-ORDER

  • $289.95

Availble July 20th 2021

ORACLE Part# 2914-001

This multifunction headlight features LED low beam, high beam, turn signal indicator, daytime running light and patented heating technology with high-precision Reflector Facing Technology. Designed for the harshest environments in North America and Northern Europe, this light is durable enough for any condition where a reliable lighting solution is needed.

Equip your snowplow or other vehicle with the most advanced LED headlight to provide precision lighting and prevent it from any snow or ice accumulation. Providing better visibility in harsh environments creates a much safer and enjoyable working environment. The modular turn signal indicator can be positioned on top or on either side of the lamp. This allows this lamp to work in just about any application.

ORACLE Heated Lens Plow Light

• Multifunction Design with DRL and Turn Signal
• Precision LED Reflector Facing Technology
• Dual Mounting Options: Bottom Mount/ Rear Mount
• Multi-Directional Turn Signal Positioning
• Patented De-Icing Lens Heater System
• Stainless Steel Anti-Corrosive Components
• Under/Over Voltage and Reverse Polarity Protection
• LED Lifespan 80,000+ Hours/ 1 Year Warranty
• Compliant with DOT / ECE R112 / R10 / R7 / R6

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Heater Function: The heating function activates automatically when the headlight is turned on and the ambient temperature is below freezing. The heating function is indicated by a yellow LED which illuminates when the heating function is active. When the temperature of the front lens cover reaches 100° the heating function automatically shuts off.

• High Beam: 48W
• Low Beam: 24W
• Turn Signal: 12W
• Daytime Running Light: 3W
• High Beam Projection: 1 Lux @1000’
• Low Beam Projection: 1Lux @ 550’
• Input Voltage: 9V - 30V DC
• Ingress Protection: IP68

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