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Illuminated wheel rings, one of many cool car gifts for Dad

Celebrate Father’s Day with Car Gifts for Dad!

It can be hard to know how to celebrate Father’s Day, but car gifts for dad are always a good option! Father’s Day is coming up, and ORACLE Lighting has just the right gift, with a wide range of lighting products and other vehicle accessories, including custom designs, to show your dad you care. 

For the Dad Who’s All About Safety

Who says you can’t stay safe in style? For safety-conscious fathers, a little additional lighting can make a big difference. For fathers that like to ride the intersection of safety and style, check out these safe car gifts for dad.

  • Off-Road LED Light Bars: ORACLE Lighting’s Off-Road LED Light Bars help illuminate the path of any safety-conscious dad that likes off-roading, or even just driving the streets in the dark. Keeping the road lit is important for road safety, and ORACLE Lighting’s LED bars will help the dad in your life stay safe in style.
  • Off-Road LED Side Mirrors: Do you know a father that likes to go off-roading, but always worries about having enough light to do so safely? These LED side mirrors are a great way to provide ample lighting to see the road ahead, or can be used as the last piece to any stylish off-road build. 

    For the Dad Who Wants to Look Cool: Illuminated Car Gifts for Dad

    If your dad insists he’s a “cool dad,” he needs a ride to match. ORACLE Lighting specializes in designing slick, eye-catching lighting products for all vehicle types. Our ColorSHIFT® products have the ability to change the color of your lighting peripherals at the click of a button so your look can stay fresh.

    • “Demon Eye” Kit: These stylish projector lights utilize ORACLE Lighting’s advanced ColorSHIFT® technology to illuminate a car’s projector lenses, giving your vehicle the “demon eye” look. Using the ColorSHIFT® controller, the color of these projectors can be changed at will, allowing for a variety of different looks for the car’s headlights. 
    • LED Lighting Footwell Kit: Is the father in your life looking for something to spice up the interior of their vehicle? ORACLE Lighting’s LED Lighting Flexible Strip Footwell kit is sure to improve the vibe of any car’s interior. 
    • GOBO Projector Car Door Lights: ORACLE Lighting’s GOBO LED door kits project a symbol or shape under the car’s door as it is opened. Made with a compact construction, these projectors are hardly noticeable when installed, but still pack a punch. The image projected from these door lights are vivid and perfect for any dad looking for an over-the-top finish to a stylish car build.

    For the Dad Who Drives Something Different

    If your dad loves his motorcycle or boat almost as much as he loves you, he deserves a gift reflecting that. Whatever your dad’s vehicle, ORACLE Lighting has the products to help your dad ride in style. 

    • Motorcycle Kits: ORACLE Lighting’s motorcycle halo kits are a great way to extend your dad’s love for riding in style to his favorite toys. These kits make full use of the latest halo technology, providing potent light and brightness for a wide range of makes and models. 
    • LED Marine Lighting: ORACLE Lighting’s marine lighting kits are an excellent gift for any dad that loves to be on the water. Both stylish and functional, ORACLE Lighting’s marine lighting kits are made to fit any watercraft, and made to last with an anticorrosive design. 

    For the Dad Who Loves To Save Money

    Do you have the kind of dad that argues about the thermostat temperature and won’t replace his shoes with holes in them? ORACLE Lighting’s car gifts for dad even include energy-efficient lights that can run longer between bulb-changes, for these frugal fathers. Other money-conscious options include: 

    • ORACLE Lighting Gift Cards: Is your dad always hopelessly checking bargain bins, or waiting for things to go on sale when they maybe never will? Good news: we have gift cards! Help the father in your life get the quality gear he deserves while easing his mind about the amount of money he’s spending with ORACLE Lighting’s gift cards. 
    • ORACLE Lighting’s Clearance Section: ORACLE Lighting offers an extensive clearance section, covering a wide variety of products for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. For any dad that insists you remain frugal even on his gifts, ORACLE Lighting’s clearance section is a great place to start. 

    For the Dad that Obsesses Over Accessories

    If your dad is the type who can never have too many gadgets, tools, and accessories? ORACLE Lighting has you covered. We supply a wide range of accessories to go with our brand and products- it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for your dad. 

    • LED Controllers and Switches: ORACLE Lighting’s LED controllers and switches are a great way to control your lighting products, and come in both wired and wireless options. With a wide variety of functions and features, buying an LED accessory for your dad is a great way to help them get their lighting products just the way they want them. 
    • LED Shop Lights: If you just can’t pull your dad out of his shop for two seconds, you may as well make sure it’s well lit! ORACLE Lighting’s LED shop lights are a great way to make sure any shop is lit well and make your dad’s time in their infinitely more fun and safer. 
    • ORACLE Lighting Gear: Need one more gift to go with your dad’s father’s day bundle? Consider grabbing some ORACLE Lighting gear! We offer hats, tee shirts, vanity license plates, and more for any dad that likes to represent the ORACLE Lighting brand. 

    Find Car Gifts for Dad at ORACLE Lighting

    With such a large selection of lighting products and other vehicle accessories, you’re sure to find the right car gifts for Dad at ORACLE Lighting. No matter the make or model, we have the perfect gift for your father this father’s day. Whether he values style, safety, or wants to soup up his toys, ORACLE Lighting has something for everyone. 

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