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Choosing The Best 7 Inch Headlight: How to Pick from ORACLE Lighting's High Powered Headlight Options

Choosing The Best 7 Inch Headlight: How to Pick from ORACLE Lighting's High Powered Headlight Options

A 7 inch headlight is a popular size for Jeep Wrangler, buggies, classic cars, and tractor-trailers. Like many owners, you are likely looking for the best 7 inch headlight LED replacement on the market to improve your lighting output and reliability. With over 20 years of LED expertise, ORACLE Lighting offers a High Powered LED headlight upgrade with a variety of customizable options. The seamless, durable design provides a plug-and-play install, superior light performance, and rugged durability. With a blend of style and functionality, you’ll get a high-performing light with the option to customize with halos.


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A look at the technology of the best 7 inch LED headlight

With expert design and a 2-year warranty, our headlight line outshines the competition. Ours feature a constant current LED driver in the main circuit board and additional conditioning of the power going into the LEDs to offer superior brightness and reliability. This design also eliminates the need for tricky anti-flicker wiring adapters with a SMART integrated Can-Bus system that automatically adjusts to prevent flicker issues. Additionally, ours feature more LEDs in the halo than others without compromising the longevity. 

The Phillips Luxeon ZES chips deliver while having a lower thermal output. Increase your visibility with high-quality LED illumination focused through advanced precision optics and enjoy a painless install with a plug-and-play H4 and H13 connector. 

Jeep JL and JT owners, you don’t have to miss out. We offer adjustable brackets and wiring adapters to make these work for your vehicle too. (Find more information on using a 7 inch headlight to replace a 9 inch OEM light here.)


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How to customize a 7 inch headlight

ORACLE Lighting offers a variety of color options. Our High-Powered headlights are available in the standard no-halo model or with a halo option of single-color, ColorSHIFT, Dynamic ColorSHIFT, or switchback. 

The no-halo model is for those who mean business without additional customization on their vehicle -- making it great for a Jeeper who wants pure, rugged function when offroading or adventuring. The single-color options are easily switched on for display and are perfect for a themed Jeep or just someone craving simplicity. ColorSHIFT uses one of our premium controllers for eye-catching RGB features. This is a great choice if you want color-changing variety with an easy switch to white for legal on-road use. Dynamic ColorSHIFT offers both solid colors and multi-color chasing patterns and also features an integrated turn signal function. Use with the included Bluetooth controller for a hyper-stylized look. Finally, our switchback version has dual-function LEDs with a white DRL and an integrated amber turn signal. The simple install and on-road legal colors make for a solid choice for those seeking added functionality.



Replacing your 7 inch headlights with LED

If you’re looking for a brighter and more efficient replacement light, the best 7 inch headlight can be found with ORACLE Lighting.Plus, you can easily upgrade your fog lights at the same time with the High Performance fog lights to match these lights so you can easily improve your entire front end with superior illumination.

Ready to pull the trigger on your new lighting? Shop High Powered options for the best 7 inch headlight for your build or browse our expansive line of LED product solutions by year, make, and model. If you need further assistance with your next lighting project, give our dedicated team of experts a call at 1-800-407-5776.

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