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How Custom Puddle Lights Can Upgrade Your Ride

How Custom Puddle Lights Can Upgrade Your Ride

 A diagram showing custom puddle lights

Custom puddle lights are a quick and easy way to upgrade your ride. These eye-catching lighting accessories will take your car, truck, or Jeep to the next level with just a simple install. These lights can easily add style and functionality to any vehicle.

Keep reading for our guide to how personalized car door lights can give your vehicle a whole new look.

What Are Custom Puddle Lights? 

Never Step in a Puddle Again

Custom puddle lights are exactly what the name suggests. Have you ever gotten out of your car and noticed you took a good step into a muddy puddle? These additions prevent that from happening by illuminating the sidewalk or driveway next to your vehicle.

ORACLE’s puddle lights attach into your car door paneling to light up the ground beside your vehicle. With these lights, you’ll never have to worry about muddy puddles or worse because the ground will be lit up in style.

They’ll even help you see whether or not your vehicle is parked between the lines at night. These lights will guide your footsteps and your parking when it’s too dark to see. No longer fear getting your new shoes dirty with custom puddle lights. 

Make Our Car Door Lights Your Own

The greatest thing about custom puddle lights are the specs. These lights can feature any design you want them to -- whether your local car club’s logo or your vehicle’s theme.

They are created through a process called “GOBO,” or “go between optics.” This is when an image, design, or pattern is stenciled or set over a source of light. The image is “between” the light and whatever surface it is projected on.

With puddle lights, this projection stamps the ground nearby with a design that matches your vehicle’s color or whole look. You can choose from a wide variety of premade options in assorted colors, including your favorite superhero logo or a car emblem to match the make and model of your ride. 

This addition lets the car owner show pride in their interests—support for breast cancer awareness, a love for vintage Chevy cars, or even a design that represents a beloved city that has won your heart. Puddle lights can even show the world your love for the Transformers or Superman by lighting up the sidewalk when you open your car door. 

At ORACLE Lighting, we offer many patterns and logos on our high-powered GOBO Lights, but also encourage our customers to inquire about using their own non-copyrighted designs in a custom application, so that we can create a truly personalized puddle light for you. 


Upgrading your ride with these gorgeous custom puddle lights is as easy as one, two, three! Follow these simple steps below and you’ll be popping your car door open in style in no time.

  1. Remove your car’s door paneling. This can be done easily with a screwdriver. There are screws inside the door handle and the control panel. Remember to keep track of those pesky screws once you’ve removed the paneling. 
  2. Drill out the correct size. Using a hole saw, drill out the correct size that correlates with your puddle light. This step may seem a bit intimidating, but a hole saw is easy to use. Make sure there is contact with the car’s surface and the drill to ensure the hole is properly being drilled through the surface. 
  3. Connect to power. Once you’ve successfully measured the correct-sized hole for your puddle light, now it’s time to give it power. You have to find the red and black wires. Connect these wires to your custom puddle light to power it up. Of course, use appropriate caution when tampering with electricity. It’s a good idea to use electricity-safe gloves while handling these wires. 
  4. Ride in style. You’ve successfully added your custom puddle lights to your favorite vehicle. Now, all you need to do is enjoy all the attention you’ll get when you step out onto the scene. Car door lights add flare to any car you choose to upgrade. Get rid of the fear of the unknown when stepping a foot out of your car by installing puddle lights. 

Custom Puddle Lights with Oracle Lighting

ORACLE Lighting can take care of all your vehicle upgrading needs. We have a wide selection of puddle lights featuring over 40 different designs. Whether it’s guiding you through the installation of your custom puddle lights or checking out our wide selection of lights to upgrade your ride, ORACLE Lighting is the expert in aftermarket automotive lighting products. Contact us today to find out how we can help you customize your ride.

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