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Installing the Oracle Lighting Ford Bronco Integrated LED Light Bar with a Factory Roof Rack

Installing the Oracle Lighting Ford Bronco Integrated LED Light Bar with a Factory Roof Rack

The Ford Bronco finally returned in 2021 after an almost three-decade-long hiatus. Some might have wondered if there would room in the market for a rugged, off-road-capable and convertible four-wheel drive beside the ever-popular Jeep Wrangler. But strong sales numbers have proven any doubters wrong with the Ford Bronco recently surpassing the Toyota 4Runner and quickly closing in on the Wrangler. In the last quarter of 2022, Jeep sold only 1,462 more Wranglers than the Bronco, making it one of America’s favorite off-road-ready trucks.

The SBN 2022 SEMA All Female Build features many ORACLE Lighting products, including the Integrated Windshield LED Light Bar System for Ford Broncos.

If the Bronco will ever surpass the Jeep Wrangler in sales is unknown, but both share similarities. Their tops and doors come off for the ultimate open-air wheeling experience. The tidy dimensions of the Wrangler and Bronco make them ideally suited for technical terrain. Both are extremely capable off-road in stock form and have lots of aftermarket options to make them even more competent on the trail. And Bronco and Jeep owners almost never leave their vehicles stock.

Another trait the Bronco and Jeep share is that there is not much space for cleanly mounting additional lighting. Oracle Lighting solved this problem for the Bronco with our Integrated Windshield LED Light Bar System. More than just a light bar, the unique cowl design cleanly integrates into the roofline for a near-factory appearance on 2021-and-newer Ford Broncos. Designed to work with factory soft tops or hard tops, the polycarbonate housing of the Oracle Integrated Windshield Led Light Bar System contains our most powerful light bar ever. With 30 individual 8-watt led emitters, it produces 18,000 raw lumens and projects more than 600 meters with its driving beam pattern. Check out the video we did highlighting it along with our previous blog post for more information.

Since we released our new integrated light bar system for the Ford Bronco, we have received questions about its compatibility with the factory roof rack. The answer is that it does fit with the Ford Bronco OEM factory roof rack, but the installation process is slightly different and requires some light modifications to the light bar housing and the front rack arms. We got our hands on a Ford Bronco Wildcat and followed along during the installation process to walk you through what is required. Check our latest video below as we show you how to add our serious lighting upgrade to your new 2021-and-up Ford Bronco equipped with a factory roof rack. And make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned for future videos for more Ford Bronco lighting upgrades.



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