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The Ultimate Guide to ORACLE Lighting’s New Ford Bronco Lighting Products for Spring 2022

The Ultimate Guide to ORACLE Lighting’s New Ford Bronco Lighting Products for Spring 2022

Ford Bronco lighting with universal letters


Spring is a great time to freshen up, and that includes your vehicle. If it’s time for a new look, you’re in luck! For spring 2022, ORACLE Lighting dropped many new Ford Bronco Lighting products. Keep your vehicle on the cutting edge of lighting design while delivering the reliability you expect from a leader in the aftermarket lighting industry. From your front bumper to rear end, upgrade every part of your Bronco with these new lighting accessories. Here are all the details you need to know to get started with the newest Ford Bronco lighting enhancements for your vehicle. 

Triple LED Fog Light Kit for Better Visibility At Night

Make your front end brighter in a snap with our Ford Bronco Triple LED Fog Light Kit. Designed for model year 2021 and later Ford Broncos, this lighting kit has six powerful emitters with advanced optics, a 6000 raw Lumen output, and a precise no-glare design. Light your way as you take your Bronco on offroading adventures or even just to light up routine night driving. The blacked-out appearance and streamlined bracket provides a seamless OEM look.

Best of all, you can bolt it onto your bumper’s existing bolt locations without any professional modification or additional drilling needed. Experience the freedom of modifying your Ford Bronco’s fog lights on your own and get ready to enjoy this spring on the road.

LED Cargo Light Module So You Can See What You’re Carrying

When the weather gets warmer and you head out for an adventure, you want to throw your cargo in the back and go, But what’s the point of the Bronco’s cargo space if you can’t see what you’re loading and unloading? Shed some light on the situation with our Ford Bronco LED Cargo Light Module. The rear cargo area of your Bronco will be much easier to see with a bright LED light in a clean 5000K color for superior illumination. The Bronco cargo light module installs by replacing the Bronco’s wiper cover, and it easily plugs into the rear accessory socket. The module runs on 12V power and includes a switch for turning it on and off, making it easy to pack up everything from your camping gear to your groceries. 

Universal LED Letter Badges To Send A Message

Available in amber and white, ORACLE Lighting’s Universal LED Letter Badges spell truly unique customization for your vehicle. The letters are backlit to glow in a variety of locations on your vehicle. You can connect them to a 12V power source such as your parking lights or ignition fuse.  

Installing the letter badges, which are available in both matte black and matte white finishes, involves adhering the letters to your preferred location via their VHB double-stick adhesive. You may also need to drill a hole to route the letters’ wire, depending on your particular location. 

Due to the backlit design, the ORACLE Lighting’s Universal LED Letter Badges are legible even when the light is off, so you can make a statement at all times. These universal letters also make a great gift as you can use them to create a meaningful word or personalize the Bronco to its build theme. 

Spare Tire Ring for Safety or To Stand Out from the Crowd

Light up your spare tire with our LED Illuminated Spare Tire Ring. To enhance the safety of your Bronco, our spare tire ring comes in red to serve as a third brake light. For a more customizable option, consider our ColorSHIFTⓇ LED illuminated spare tire ring. This option allows you to control the color of the light, changing to a wide array of eye-catching colors when not driving. 

Mounted on the spare tire carrier, the ORACLE Lighting LED Illuminated Spare Tire Ring in red can be wired into your existing third brake light wire, or you can wire the ColorSHIFTⓇ version into your existing wheel ring wiring. Brighten up the back of your Bronco with our easy to install Illuminated LED Spare Tire Ring! 

Halo Kits To Get That Signature ORACLE Lighting Look

ORACLE Lighting is known for our bright halo kits for a wide range of vehicles, and the Ford Bronco is no exception. First, there’s the ColorSHIFT® RGB+W Headlight DRL Upgrade for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco Sport. This upgrade, which works with the model’s own LED DRL, gives you the flexibility to easily change your headlights’ color from road-legal white to more exciting shades like orange, blue, and green! For those with the Ford Bronco rather than the Bronco Sport, the ColorSHIFT® RGB+W Headlight DRL Upgrade for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco is also available. 

Finally, for Ford Broncos without the LED DRL option, consider the ORACLE Lighting Halo Kit for 2021-2022 Ford Bronco base headlights. The included 3M adhesive backing makes these lights easy to set up by securely attaching them to your light housing and provide efficient power consumption with exceptional brightness thanks to their advanced LED chips. 

Ditch the Dim Lighting with LED Bronco Reverse Lights

One of our newest additions is the ORACLE Lighting Extreme-Performance LED Reverse Light Bulbs! Stock halogen reverse lighting is dingy and dull, which makes backing up a challenge on or off road. Get incredible rear lighting that makes reversing in your Bronco a breeze with a 2196 Lumen output that improves nighttime visibility. The plug-and-play install of our Ford Bronco reverse light bulbs takes only a few minutes for a big payoff, and the lower price point offers a big bang for your buck!

Where To See More Ford Bronco Lighting Products

Looking for more Ford Bronco lighting products? We also offer many lighting accessories that are available for a variety of makes and models, including the Ford Bronco. Check out our wheel rings and rock lights to get a custom look. Want access to all of ORACLE Lighting’s Ford Bronco lighting products in one place? Here are the Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport collection pages for easy browsing of our full line. Refresh your ride’s style with ORACLE Lighting’s spring 2022 Ford Bronco product drop!

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