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ORACLE Lighting Featured on SunCruiser Media’s Snowbirds & RV Travelers Podcast.

Earlier this month ORACLE Lighting’s amazing product specialist Justin Perret (JP) sat down with Perry Mack as a guest on SunCruiser Media’s Snowbirds & RV Travelers podcast. JP Has been with ORACLE Lighting for over 10 years and has done everything from vehicle installations to being a voice for our company in product videos and trade shows. On this podcast JP shares his immense knowledge of the aftermarket automotive industry and of course, ORACLE Lighting products with a ton of information LED lighting products. They talk about some of the differences in LED vs HID lighting and why LED lighting is taking the world by storm.

 (Justin Perret "JP")

JP also talks about the value in buying an ORACLE lighting LED product compared to a cheaper option you can get from a nameless amazon seller. It is an RV podcast so of course some RV Specific LED lighting upgrades are mentioned and even ORACLE Lighting’s interest in exploring this unique market. JP explains how if you do not know where to start for an LED Lighting upgrade, you can call our knowledgeable sales staff and they can help you find exactly what you and your vehicle are looking for.

Here are a few of the snippets from the podcast or listen to the entire podcast HERE.

Q: You can go to your big box retailer and an LED light bar is going to be 100 bucks, or you can buy the same size and it appears the same specs for 400 bucks. So why spend the $400?

JP:  We put a lot of resources into our customer support, warranty periods, we do a lot. We have a very comprehensive warranty policy on off-road products specifically because you're going to use a light bar in an off-road situation. It might get beat up. It might get, you might be in an off-roading situation where you sink that thing underwater. And we have a lot of different coverage options that can really help someone in that situation. Whereas, you buy a $100 light bar and try to reach one of the several manufacturers that produce those, and you're probably not gonna get any support on that. We use Cree and Bridge Lux LEDs for the most of our products. We do use some higher quality Phillips LED chips for other products as well. It just depends on the category.

Q: Is this a do-it-yourself thing? Can I buy my list of scene lighting and driving lights and wire this all up and hook it up into my cab? And do I need a set of switches, for instance, to select all my different lights? Is it a do-it-yourself project?

JP: It very much is. And, you know, touching back to your point on different price points for different products, you know, that's another thing that a company like us would offer, you know, as opposed to your other generic box brands. You know, we have a staff, we have a tech support staff who you can call into during business hours if you're having any type of trouble. Installing these products yourself, nine out of 10 times, we can walk you through how to do it over the phone or through email, we can provide diagrams. Part of what I do with the company is that, you know, for each new product that we offer, I'll usually shoot a how-to video, how to do the install from start to finish. So there's a lot that goes into these products.

Q:  So where would I go, for instance, to have a look at your products and see what works for me?

JP: Yeah, so you can visit You can also give our sales staff a call at 800-407-5776. If you're looking for a little bit more personalized help, all of our sales team is highly trained in giving the right types of product recommendations. They'll ask you a few simple questions about your vehicle. They'll do a little bit of research on their end and they'll figure out what's best for you... And you know, typically if one of our sales staff can't answer the question, they'll usually, they'll run it by me or one of my team and we can usually make the right, we can do the right research, we can make the right recommendations.

Listen to the full interview HERE

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