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ORACLE Lighting Supports Women in the Automotive Industry as an Official Partner of the SBN All-Female Bronco Build

ORACLE Lighting Supports Women in the Automotive Industry as an Official Partner of the SBN All-Female Bronco Build

Women in the automotive industry created the SBN All-Female Bronco Build shown here

ORACLE Lighting is a proud sponsor of the 2022 SBN All-Female Vehicle Build, showcasing the talented women in the automotive industry attending The SEMA Show. The build was officially unveiled during The SEMA Show 2022, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. from Nov. 1-4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and continues to be exhibited around the country. This project aims to further involve women in all aspects of the automotive industry, as well as creating a super unique Bronco.

Background on SBN and the All-Female Build

SEMA Businesswomen's Network is a professional association made up of women in the automotive aftermarket industry. This is the tenth anniversary of the All-Female Build, which started off with a 2013 Ford Mustang GT. However, this year the vehicle is a Ford Bronco 4-Door Wildtrak, geared toward overlanding and off-roading, which many of the products offered by ORACLE Lighting are geared toward. 

Proud Supporter and Advocate of Women in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

All of us at ORACLE Lighting understand how important it is to support women in the automotive aftermarket industry and are proud to be supporting this project as the Primary Lighting Sponsor. The goal is that this project helps to light the way forward for more women to be a part of this exciting and rewarding industry. It will also help others to see and appreciate the work and leadership that women have to offer in the automotive industry. 

Background on SEMA SBN’s All-Female Bronco Build

The vehicle which is the centerpiece of the project is a 2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak. Modifications involve nearly every aspect of the Bronco, such as the suspension, wheels and tires, electrical, exhaust, intake, wrap, and of course, lighting.

One of the many exciting aspects of this project is the opportunity to feature the best and brightest of each of the sponsoring companies, many of which are female owned – just like ORACLE Lighting. Many companies featured new and innovative products to help further elevate this important build and guarantee it is not overlooked.

Female-Owned ORACLE Lighting Is Proud To Elevate Women in the Automotive Industry

ORACLE Lighting benefits from women’s leadership and enjoys giving back to women in the automotive industry. This is an exciting time for women who want to work in this industry, as more women opt to study for career tracks such as automotive, collision refinishing, and diesel. The visibility of organizations like SBN and projects like the All-Female Vehicle Build will encourage more women to get involved in the automotive aftermarket industry, and in the wider automotive industry. 

ORACLE Lighting Provided Products Used in the Build and Contributed to the Building Process Itself

To help ensure that this project really shines, ORACLE Lighting supplied many brand-new products, including many that were unveiled at SEMA this year. The list of LED Lighting upgrades from ORACLE Lighting included the following: 


Equipped with these aftermarket lighting products, the Bronco was ready to shine on the SEMA floor as well as in the other locations where it will be shown.

Along with exciting products, ORACLE Lighting is honored that members from our own team, Melissa Parker-Boudreaux, our National Sales Manager, and Tiffanie Hartenstein, our CEO, dedicated their time to help in the actual building of the project. Additionally, our Product Specialist, Justin Perret, offered his experience in support of the SBN All-Female Bronco Build. 

“Sponsoring and participating in this build was a great opportunity for ORACLE Lighting to show our support and to get to work with a group of some of the most talented women in our industry,” Hartenstein said. 

After SEMA, The All-Female Bronco Build Was Featured At The LA Auto Show

After the All-Female Bronco Build debuted at The SEMA Show 2022 in early November, later in the month Ford’s booth at the 2022 LA Auto Show’s Media Day, Automobility LA, featured the build. In this additional venue, the build brought attention not only to the Ford Bronco, but also to the work of women in the automotive industry. 

Learn More about ORACLE Lighting and The All-Female Bronco Build

ORACLE Lighting remains a steadfast advocate of welcoming and supporting women in the automotive aftermarket industry and is proud to have been so involved with this project. We were proud to participate in this build, as well as providing accessories from our catalog of lighting products designed to take your vehicle to the next level. If you are a Bronco owner looking to upgrade your ride, check out our ever-growing selection of Ford Bronco products.

You can find further information and updates on the SBN 2022 All-Female Build’s official page. There you can also learn what is next for this build and where you might be able to see it next! Also be sure to learn more about the SEMA Small Businesswomen's Network and the important work they do.

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