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ORACLE Lighting standing around a vehicle while attending SEMA

The Best Parts of Attending SEMA 2022: A Recap from the ORACLE Lighting Team

ORACLE Lighting's team attending SEMA, posing with a vehicle with headlights on

The SEMA Show 2022 just wrapped up and ORACLE Lighting was there exhibiting exciting new products, as well as to check out other new releases and stay current on the latest trends. If you don’t happen to work in the automotive aftermarket industry or weren’t attending SEMA this year, check out our recap of the aftermarket accessories that we exhibited, as well as some of our other favorite exhibits at the show. 

What is The SEMA Show?

Auto enthusiasts and industry insiders alike look forward to the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s annual show in Las Vegas, a trade show for the aftermarket performance automotive products industry. The annual show is a hub of technological innovation and sleek design, bringing together some of the most talented and creative people to showcase the top products, latest trends, and new techniques in our field.

Since the trade association’s show is not open to the general public, most people look forward to the announcements in press releases that brands release in a steady stream in the weeks leading up to the show, as well as the recaps of what takes place there. As a leader in the aftermarket lighting industry, ORACLE Lighting had the privilege of attending the show and our team is eager to share our thoughts on what we saw. 

ORACLE Lighting’s Exhibition at The SEMA Show 2022

ORACLE Lighting showcased an exciting array of products for the Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, and more! Among our selection for the Ford Bronco, we showed our Triple Fog LED Light for 2021+ models. Designed with six high-powered emitters, the triple fog LED light features a 6000 raw Lumen output balanced with a no-glare design to help avoid causing visibility problems for other drivers. This design also has a black powder finish that fits in with the Bronco’s design. 

Another Ford Bronco product that made its debut at SEMA 2022 was our Integrated Roof LED Light Bar for 2021+ Ford Bronco models. This ORACLE Lighting design is an aftermarket product designed to look practically factory-issue, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb the way some competing products do. The system can also be mounted using existing factory hardware, and its aerodynamic design nearly eliminates wind noise typically associated with most light bars and other auxiliary lighting products. At the same time, the light bar includes reflector-facing LED technology that allows it to provide 18,000 raw lumens of illumination with a 600 meter projection distance. Check out our blog post to see the full selection of products for the Ford Bronco ORACLE Lighting showcased at SEMA 2022.

The ORACLE Lighting booth at The SEMA Show also featured our Flush-Style Tail Lights for 2017-2022 Ford Super Duty Trucks, the 2021+ Ford Broncos, and the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK. This flush-style design helps minimize the risk of the lights getting damaged by hitting into obstacles, which can happen with the factory lights that protrude farther. Customers waiting for the release of the Flush-Style Tail Lights for the Jeep Wrangler JK since the first look, back in March, will be happy to know they’re well on their way, and the Bronco Flush-Style Tail Lights are now available for pre-order.

These along with the other lighting accessories we exhibited at The SEMA Show 2022 are just a sampling of the products we are working on and we look forward to announcing more news releases in the future. 

The Best Highlights from Attending SEMA 2022

While attending SEMA 2022, ORACLE Lighting got the chance to take in a lot of exciting exhibits from a wide variety of brands in the aftermarket automotive products industry, and meet people who love upgrading cars and trucks with innovative product design as much as we do. Here are some of our favorite highlights from attending SEMA this year, from the innovative, to the thought-provoking, and more. 

A Toyota Truck Concept Made for Adventure

Toyota exhibited a concept from its new Trailhunter grade of trucks. While it’s always exciting to see a concept at a show, this one is particularly interesting because the Trailhunter grade is designed for overlanding, which means taking your ride on adventure travel through remote areas and camping along the way. Since ORACLE Lighting creates off-roading products that can help keep you safe and having a good time on difficult terrain, overlanding is right up our alley. SEMA 2022 even featured an entire “SEMA Overland Experience” featuring overlanding products from a variety of brands designed for this popular activity. 

An Unusual Idea from Borla Exhaust

As more and more electric cars take to the road, driving may begin to sound different. For drivers who want the benefits of electric vehicles but miss that powerful internal combustion-engine sound, Borla Exhaust brought a solution to The SEMA Show. Their exhaust audio product uses a speaker that syncs to your accelerator pedal to create the exhaust sounds of a more traditional setup for the electric Ford Mustang Mach-E. An app also lets you change up the vehicle you’re imitating from among a selection of sounds. We recognize the importance of sounding good as well as looking good, and currently offer lighting upgrades for electric vehicles to enhance their appearance, with more coming soon.

Celebrities Attending SEMA 2022

Some of the most exciting people attending SEMA 2022 were celebrities making appearances, including NASCAR driver Matt Jaskol, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Theismann, racing legend Mario Andretti, and of course automotive artist Chip Foose, who did all of the artwork for this year’s show. With everyone from airbrush artists to The History Channel stars, there were a lot of interesting people to meet at SEMA 2022. 

Keep Up with Cutting-Edge Lighting Products with ORACLE Lighting

If you love to drive and to upgrade your ride with the aftermarket products that provide the best driving experience, ORACLE Lighting has the lighting products and accessories you need. Whatever you drive, we’ve got you covered with everything from Halo Kits to improve the look of your headlights and tail lights,  to Underbody LED Rock Lights for off-roading. We also pride ourselves on having attended and recapped The SEMA Show going all the way back to 2010 if you want to learn more about what it’s like attending SEMA and how the show has changed over the years.

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