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ORACLE Lighting at the SEMA Show 2020: Recap

ORACLE Lighting at the SEMA Show 2020: Recap

SEMA show 2020

SEMA Show 2020 was one of this year’s automotive industry top trade events to promote specialty products from around the world.

Exhibitors from all areas of the industry met to share their products and expertise with each other and with visitors from around the world. For this year, public health concerns over the coronavirus pandemic forced the SEMA Show 2020 to reconfigure its show and make a move online, creating a virtual marketplace and networking event known as SEMA360. 

ORACLE Lighting National Sales Manager, Melissa Parker-Boudreaux noted, “This year presented unprecedented challenges for many businesses; and while a different experience, SEMA360 brought together attendees and manufacturers from around the world on the virtual platform. Our showcase was able to offer new product highlights and wholesale program information.”

Despite not being able to show off new products in features to car enthusiasts in person, ORACLE Lighting still debuted a number of incredible new products at the SEMA Show 2020.

New ORACLE Products Announced at the SEMA Show 2020

Five new ORACLE Lighting products made their debut online at the SEMA Show 2020:

Toyota Supra GR DRL Kit

This kit, designed exclusively for 2020–21 models of the Toyota Supra, allows for the easy installation of custom LED headlights. These lights can be installed without having to completely disassemble the headlights, an upgrade from other Supra headlight kits. Instead, installation can be achieved by accessing the backside of the headlamp and connecting ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT circuitry.

This Toyota Supra GR DRL upgrade allows users to set the lights to be one single color or to shift between white, for legal on-road use, and hundreds of colors and color patterns with one of ORACLE’s ColorSHIFT controller options.

Sidetrack LED Lighting System

ORACLE’s new lighting system is an upgrade for Jeep owners that’s both stylish and functional for Wrangler JK models. These Sidetrack LED lights provide benefits to both the driver and passengers by illuminating the area outside the vehicle. This convenient feature allows the driver and passengers to see puddles, potholes, and other hazards when entering and exiting the vehicle. The circuits of this kit are connected to the car’s dome light wiring, so that the Sidetrack lights will activate when the car is unlocked, when the doors open, or when the factory control knob is turned.

Jeep StarLINER Kit

ORACLE’s fiber-optic StarLINER kit for hardtop Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators provides a huge upgrade in the ambiance of your vehicle. These self-contained acoustic panels with sound buffering foam have integrated fiber optics which provide a unique effect similar to staring up at the night sky.

Installation is easy, simply connect the wiring to the courtesy light for power. The kit even includes a wireless remote which allows the user to customize the color, patterns, and brightness of the fiber-optic stars. 

Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights

These lights were created to solve a problem specific to Jeep Wrangler owners: low visibility when backing up at night. ORACLE’s Rear Bumper LED Reverse Lights integrate seamlessly into the rear bumper, providing enough light for Jeep owners to see their surroundings clearly in the backup camera and safely reverse at night or in low-light situations.

These lights feature a clean design and an easy installation; they tap into a preexisting reverse light power source and provide over 1000 additional lumens of light for safe driving.

3W Mini UV-Sanitizer Lamp

In an era when people are concerned about staying healthy and germ free, ORACLE has created a mini UV-Sanitizer lamp that’s perfect for sanitizing surfaces in your car or truck. This battery powered lamp is totally portable and comes with its own USB charging cable. To use it, simply place it in a small room or in the cupholder of your vehicle before pressing the power button as you exit the room or car. The lamp will turn on and sanitize the area with UV light for 15 minutes before automatically turning off. This lamp has been tested and proven to properly disinfect and neutralize over 99% of bacteria and viruses and is the same amazing technology that’s been used to clean and disinfect hospitals and labs for years. This lamp is perfect in your car, in your kitchen, in your bathroom, or any room with surfaces you wish could be a little cleaner.

ORACLE Lighting’s Founder Named Finalist for SEMA Show 2020 Gen-III Innovator of the Year

The SEMA organization presents two individual awards at its show every year. The Gen-III Innovator of the Year award is an honor that’s presented to an individual that exemplifies the same creative spirit as the original automotive industry founders. It recognizes individuals whose work is changing the way the automotive aftermarket does business. 

At the SEMA Show 2020, ORACLE Lighting founder and Director of Development, Justin Hartenstein, was named a finalist for this prestigious award for the second consecutive year. He was recognized for his strong sense of innovation, as he pivoted from solely making custom light kits for the automotive industry to using his existing technology to create antiviral UV lighting technology.

Not only did he craft a number of portable UV-sanitizing lamps, but Hartenstein is responsible for creating the world’s first UV face mask, the A.I.R. Device (Antimicrobial Irradiation Respirator). This patent-pending design has gained global attention for its effective and unique antiviral design.

If You Missed the SEMA Show 2020, Catch Up with ORACLE Lighting

ORACLE Lighting is proud of its position as an innovator in the automotive industry and is thrilled to introduce new products to car enthusiasts, whether it’s at the SEMA Show or at one of our dealers. If you’re excited about the newest trends and vehicles in the automotive industry, you don’t have to wait until the next SEMA show. For the past twenty years, ORACLE Lighting has designed innovative products and technologies for the automotive, powersports, and motorcycle industries. 

Call us today at (504) 835-0055 to speak with a professional ORACLE sales representative for more information on our innovative products.

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