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Car Christmas gifts symbolized by an ORACLE Lighting product box

The Best Car Christmas Gifts: Lighting Accessories

No matter who you are buying for this holiday season, finding the best car Christmas gifts can be a large undertaking. When it comes to finding the best car customization and lighting gifts, there are so many possibilities that it can become difficult for people to know where to start. 

That is why we have put together a guide to some of the best automotive accessory gifts for any vehicle lover! From the friend who has just about everything, to the car customization beginner, ORACLE Lighting has Christmas gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Car Christmas Gifts for Every Automotive Enthusiast On Your List

Whether you are looking to shop for someone who has it all or is just getting started, someone who likes off-roading or prefers to keep their car ready to show, we have the best gift options at ORACLE Lighting.

From customizable underbody lighting to off-road LED light bars to unique, universal letter badges, ORACLE Lighting has presents for any holiday and any vehicle.

ColorSHIFT Fiber Optic LED Light Head

The ColorSHIFT Fiber Optic LED Light Head is a great gift for the car customizer beginner or someone interested in adding just a little color to their car's interior. ORACLE Lightning’s color shift fiber optic LED light head can allow fiber optic cables to change several different colors and can fit into many different styles of cars.

These special side-firing fiber optic cables are easy to install and offer a very clean and seamless look to brighten the interior of any car. This unique look makes one of the best car Christmas gifts for those who have just become interested in customizing their ride. 

The fiber optic cables that pair up with the LED dash kit are available for purchase as well at ORACLE Lighting. Those that already have the necessary light heads can always use additional fiber cables to expand their unique interior look. 

Off-Road LED Light Bar

Do you have someone in your life that loves getting some mud on their tires? If so, ORACLE Lighting’s Off-Road LED Light Bar is a great choice for their Christmas gift. Off-road light bars are important to increase visibility and safety, as drivers are better able to see everything from wildlife to dangerous objects on the trail.

ORACLE Lighting has several different sizes for a dual-row LED light bar, ranging from an 8-inch, 36-watt LED light bar, which is the smallest size available, up to a 52-inch, 300-watt LED light bar, the largest option at ORACLE lighting.

There are eight different sizes of light bars in total available, making it easy to find a size to fit any vehicle. So no matter what kind of vehicle your loved one wants to take on an off-roading adventure, a light bar is one of the best options for a gift they can take with them.

ColorSHIFT and Dynamic ColorSHIFT Underbody Kits

Underbody kits can illuminate the undercarriage of your vehicle, making it look like it’s floating. ORACLE Lighting offers underbody kits in ColorSHIFT and Dynamic ColorSHIFT varieties. These options are available for many of our products, so you may be wondering what the difference is. The amount of control you have to select a custom color for your lights. ColorSHIFT lets you switch between several color presets such as red, orange, and blue, easily using our ColorSHIFT remote or with an upgraded controller connect to select nearly any color you can think of. With Dynamic ColorSHIFT you can take the customization even further, with an app on your phone that lets you essentially mix whatever color you want! There are also many preset patterns of movement to choose from with the Dynamic option, for another impressive way to customize your lights.

LED Wheel Rings

ORACLE Lighting’s LED Wheel Rings are a popular accent for the wheel area of your vehicle. These rings are waterproof and with pre-installed brackets, these LED wheel lights are safe and stand out. These wheel rings are available in single row and double row options, so they can fit nearly any vehicle The LED wheel rings come in four different solid color optionsblue, aqua, white, or redand a  ColorSHIFT option (for the single row version only) can be paired up with other ORACLE Lighting products and synched to your music using the free smartphone app. Plus, now through December 18, the white version of our LED wheel rings are on sale as part of our 12 Days of Christmas Sales

Universal LED Letter Badges

What do you get for the automotive enthusiast who has just about everything? Well, the unique Universal LED Letter Badges from ORACLE Lighting are certainly a good place to start. Any short message can be spelled out using these LED Letter Badges, including initials, brands, and much more. Got a college student or recent graduate on your list? Spell out their alma matter with these letters and amaze them with one of the most unexpected car Christmas gifts. 

ORACLE Lighting offers individual LED illuminated letters that allow anyone to make their own marquee-style glowing vehicle badge. The letters have a soft edge-lit glow, making them stand out and giving a customized, high-end appearance that can make any car look like a luxury vehicle. 

These letters are each 0.5 inches thick, 3.75 inches wide, and 1.4 inches tall. Installation can be done with VHB double-stick adhesive, which bonds quickly and easily, and since they connect to one of your vehicle’s existing 12V power sources, these make it simple to get started.

The Best Car Christmas Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Data shows that the number of Americans who own cars trends upward every year. In 2022, 91.5% of American homes had at least one vehicle, so odds are you have a lot of people on your gift list who would love to receive car accessories. More than ever, people care about being able to make their cars unique and reflective of their personalities. The ability to personalize their vehicles is often done with the help of unique lighting systems, like those designed by ORACLE Lighting. 

Are you still looking for more of the best automotive accessory Christmas gifts on the market today? Browse our selection of lighting products and accessories, for Christmas or other special occasions, today!

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