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Enjoy 12 Days of Christmas Sales at ORACLE Lighting!

Enjoy 12 Days of Christmas Sales at ORACLE Lighting!

ORACLE Lighting’s 12 Days of Christmas Sales brings you twelve separate sales on your favorite automotive lighting accessories, all at once! Amid all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you don’t have to worry about shopping on a particular day. From December 7-18, all of the savings are available every day, like twelve sales in one! Check out this guide to all of the exciting offers that will help you find the right gifts for everyone on your list, plus something for yourself. Here’s how to get the gifts you love at the best price this holiday season! 

1. $20 off Halos, Drls,& Demon Eyes, is the first of our 12 Days of Christmas Sales

This offer brings you some of our best lighting products at a discounted price, plus a free gift! ORACLE Lighting is known for its Halo Kits, which give your headlights or fog lights a bright, modern-looking ring of light. Available for just about every make and model, our Halo kits come in white, ColorSHIFT, and Dynamic ColorSHIFT varieties.

Our DRLs are bright and reliable for daytime driving and our ColorSHIFT DRLs let you change the color of your lights to suit your mood, switching back to white when it’s time for street driving. 

ORACLE Lighting’s demon eye headlights, like our ColorSHIFT Projector Demon Eye Headlights, give your headlights a bright, intense circular light that will make your ride stand out from the crowd. The ColorSHIFT feature lets you change the color of your headlights and then change back to white for street driving. Plus, don’t forget to pick up a tube of silicone, it will help you re-seal your headlights. 

2. 15% off White Wheel Rings 

LED Wheel Rings are perfect for someone that wants their vehicle to stand out in a unique and different way. These rings are one of ORACLE Lighting’s most popular products, and for good reason. With four LED-illuminated aluminum rings to install around the brake rotor (and attached to the brake dust shield), these are easy to set up and make any vehicle more distinctive. While these wheel rings are available in a variety of colors and a ColorSHIFT option, this 15% off sale is for the white wheel rings, a classic color.

3. Free Mini UV-C with $300+ purchase  to Get Your Family Ready for Cold and Flu Season!

The next offer in our 12 Days of Christmas Sales is a Free Mini UV-C light that you can get with a purchase of at least $300. This Mini UV-C light helps to clean the surfaces in your car with ultraviolet light, so you can use it to go that extra step to for a clean car interior this winter!

4. 10% off Underbody Kits

Next up in our 12 Days of Christmas Sales is a 10% off sale on underbody kits. Underbody lighting kits provide an easy way to give your vehicle a cool new glow! ORACLE Lighting’s  ColorSHIFT Underbody Kit (ORACLE Part #4227-333) lets you switch the color of your vehicle underbody between a range of preset colors.

The Dynamic ColorSHIFT Underbody Kit (ORACLE Part #4229-332) is the best gift for a friend that wants their ride to have an eye-catching edge. This ColorSHIFT underbody kit has completely customizable light colors, so the person you give this to can make it their own. 

This unique underbody kit gives users the power to get exactly the color they want for their lights by using an app on their smartphones. These specially designed kits also allow users to switch between over 200 different pre-programmed moving color patterns.

This kit includes:

  • A set of two, four-foot dynamic ColorSHIFT IP 68 Waterproof Strips
  • A set of two six-foot ColorSHIFT IP 68 Waterproof Strips
  • One dynamic ColorSHIFT Bluetooth controller

Your gift recipient will need some electrical knowledge to install this complete ColorSHIFt underbody kit on their own (or they can get the kit professionally installed). For those that do, this makes it a Christmas gift that not only gives an item, but also an experience for people that love to get out in the garage and take on an upgrade project.

5. Free Black ORACLE t-shirt with $250+ purchase

This t-shirt is a great example of a gift for an ORACLE Lighting fan in your life. If you’re purchasing something for someone who loves their car, maybe you know someone else who would love this shirt! If you’re buying lighting accessories for your spouse’s vehicle, maybe your child, who loves customized cars but doesn’t yet have their own car to customize, would like to show off this shirt! Whoever you know that is a fan of our products, you can get them this shirt as a gift.

6. $100 off purchase of $1,000+

If you’re shopping for a lot of gifts, or want to give your vehicle an all-new look with our lighting accessories, you’ll be glad to know that with this sale you can save! With a purchase of $1000 or more, you can save $100, letting your dollars go further for automotive accessories gifts. 

7. 10% off your entire purchase

The seventh sale of our 12 Days of Christmas Sales gives you 10% off your entire purchase, so whichever of our products you choose, you can have a happier holiday with this discount! 

8. 50% off HID Kits

ORACLE Lighting HID Kits can upgrade your headlights to be brighter and more energy efficient. Our 35-W Can-Bus Xenon HID Kit lets you choose from a range of bulb colors on a spectrum from yellow to purple, and this half-off deal can’t be beat!

Wondering if HID lights are right for you? Check out this explanation of HID vs. LED lights, which also mentions the sometimes factory-standard halogen lights you may already have, to get the information you need.

9. $100 off Vector Grill

ORACLE Lighting’s Vector Grill, available for the Jeep Gladiator JT and Jeep Wrangler JL, as well as the Jeep Wrangler JK, is a replacement grill with LED light emitters integrated, upgrading your low beams and high beams, plus a Dynamic LED DRL!

10. 10% off ColorSHIFT and White Rock-lights

If you’re a fan of off-roading or just someone who likes to avoid stepping in puddles, you need ORACLE Lighting’s rock lights. Our white rock lights brightly illuminate the wheel well area to shine on  the ground underneath your vehicle and can be driven on the road as well. You can also get ColorSHIFT rock lights, which will let you select from red, white, and green options and then switch back to white when needed.

11. $50 off Smoked JL Tail Lights 

If you’re looking for that smoked tail lights look for your Jeep, our Black Series LED Jeep Wrangler JL Tail Lights are just what you need! These lights feature a smoked lens within an hourglass-shaped  black bezel. You can set your Wrangler JL apart with these unique-looking tail lights, and during our 12 Days of Christmas Sales you can save $50 in the process!

12. Free ORACLE Lighting Keychain Lanyard with $50+ purchase 

This keychain lanyard is another great way to show you love to upgrade your vehicle with the latest ORACLE Lighting accessories. It also makes a great small gift to show a car enthusiast in your life that you are thinking of them during the holidays.

Save at Our 12 Days of Christmas Sales, With All Sales Running for All 12 Days!

With all 12 of these sales available every day from December 7 - December 18, 2022, you can get everything from huge savings to free gifts! Don’t miss your chance to save on ORACLE Lighting’s innovative automotive lighting products during our 12 Days of Christmas Sales!

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