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The Best LED Fog Lights for Jeeps in 2021

The Best LED Fog Lights for Jeeps in 2021

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If you’re looking for the best LED fog lights available for your Jeep in 2021, look no further than ORACLE Lighting. In this post, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about fog lights and the best options we’ve got to keep you and your Jeep safe on the road. 

Do You Need Fog Lights?

Fog lights come in handy when driving through unsafe, low visibility conditions. Whereas regular low and high beam headlights are not suitable for these conditions, fog lights are designed to shine through mists, snow, blowing sand—and, of course, fog. 

For many drivers, standard headlights that shine either high or low beam are enough for everyday use. But for drivers in more wet climates or those who take their ride off-road, fog lights can be a super important addition to their Jeeps. 

Fog lights are tilted at a sharp angle to shine on the road directly in front of your vehicle. They emit a bar-shaped light beam that cuts through vision blockers that you encounter on or off the road. 


What to Look For in Fog Lights

Not all fog lights are created equal—there are plenty of duds on the market that aren’t worth your money. Before deciding on any set of fog lights, buyers should consider these three factors:



Because fog lights are generally not used in daily weather conditions, a good LED fog light can last for years. While a cheaper price point might make a fog light with a shorter lifespan appealing, they won’t feel worth it when the bulbs burn out unexpectedly. It’s best to play it safe and get quality fog lights with a few thousands of hours of lifetime to avoid bulb burnout in a bad storm or dense fog.



Halogen bulbs emit high levels of heat, unlike LED fog light bulbs that use more efficient thermal regulation. If left unchecked, heat from a halogen bulb will wear down other parts of the fog light and eventually destroy them. To combat this, the best LED fog lights will produce a high-powered light with lower power consumption to avoid deterioration. You’ll also want to check that the bulb’s housing material, like the polycarbonate casing used by ORACLE, allows for efficient heat dispersion and ultimate efficiency.



If you intend to go over more rugged terrain in your Jeep, the off-road capabilities of your LED fog lights are especially important. When shopping for the best LED fog lights, you’ll want to search for options that are waterproof or water resistant at least up to 1m. ORACLE’s fog lights feature a strong epoxy sealant to help protect your fog lights from the elements. 

Best LED Fog Lights for Jeeps at ORACLE Lighting

At ORACLE Lighting, we have the best fog lights for a wide variety of Jeep models, including the Wrangler, Gladiator, Grand Cherokee, Patriot, and more. Our fog lights include the latest technology, so you are getting high quality and state-of-the-art equipment for your Jeep. We also have step-by-step installation guides for our Jeep fog light sets, making installation a breeze.


High Performance 20W LED Fog Lights 

With an output of 3000 raw lumens and endless color-changing possibilities, ORACLE’s High Performance 20W Fog Lights are an exciting and long-lasting fog light option for your Jeep Wrangler JK, JL, or Gladiator. These are also available in eye-catching Dynamic ColorSHIFT for moving color patterns!

These lights are housed in a polycarbonate material with an epoxy sealant, which protects them from overheating, water damage, and erosion. The Solid-State luminaire design provides vibration resistance for even more protection. This direct-fit fog light features plug-and-play wiring for easy installation so you can quickly get back on the trail!


Jeep Pre-Assembled Fog Lights

For the Jeep owner seeking out fog lights that get the job done without anything extra, these pre-assembled fog lights are the clear choice. These are sure to give you the enhanced performance you’re after, while maintaining high-quality standards and giving your Jeep a sleek look.

Whether you have a Jeep Wrangler JK or JL, the Jeep Commander, or Cherokee, ORACLE Lighting has the perfect OEM-style fog lights with a variety of color options available to choose from so you can still express yourself without compromising the functionality of the product. Rocking a Jeep Compass, Patriot, or Liberty? No worries: check out ORACLE’s full assortment of Jeep pre-assembled fog lights here.


Jeep Fog Light Halo Kits

For a more dynamic fog light option for your Jeep, ORACLE’s Jeep Fog Light Halo Kits are the way to go. Designed to shine bright even in direct sunlight, these Jeep fog light kits are an easy way to turn heads in your Jeep without breaking the bank. Starting at just $124.95, you can get a fog light halo kit from ORACLE for your Jeep Patriot, Liberty, Commander, or Compass at a very affordable price. 

Each kit comes with two ORACLE Halos in your choice color, two ORACLE drivers for SMD/ColorSHIFT, and an installation guide so you can easily apply your fog light halo kit with no problems. You can also pair this with a headlight halo kit for a full front-end upgrade. View the entire selection of halo kits at ORACLE lighting and find the best fit for your Jeep.


Jeep Surface Mount Fog Light Halos

Looking to add style without wasting any time? Check out ORACLE’s Surface Mount Fog Light Halos! To use these to enhance your jeep, all you need is the kit itself and a few minutes to spare. Simply attach them to the exterior housing of the fog light lens to install these fog light halos. 

This option gives you the quality brightness and waterproof durability you need while combining with ORACLE’s patent ColorSHIFT technology for endless customization. Available at ORACLE Lighting now for the Jeep Wrangler JK, the Jeep Wrangler JL, and the Jeep Gladiator!


Find the Best LED Fog Lights for Your Jeep with ORACLE Lighting

Whatever model Jeep you drive, ORACLE Lighting has the best LED fog lights available in 2021 for your Jeep. Our team of aftermarket lighting pros can help you find fog lights, rock lights, illuminated emblems, and more aftermarket auto lighting products you’re sure to love. If you are looking for the best LED fog lights on the market, contact ORACLE Lighting today or check out our entire product catalog.


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