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LED grill lights for trucks shown on two grills

The Best LED Grill Lights for Trucks


You may have heard that LED grill lights for trucks can boost their safety while giving them a new look too, and it’s absolutely true! Your truck works hard and it deserves to look its best while hauling, trail riding, or just driving around town. ORACLE Lighting designs and sells a variety of automotive accessories, and with over twenty years of experience in the business, we know trucks. Our grill lights are a great enhancement for your truck and with our pre-runner LED grill light styles you will feel like your truck is ready for anything.

As always, when you choose to invest in a new accessory for your truck, you want to make sure it will be the right option for you. What kinds of LED grill lights can you buy? How easy is it to install them? What are their features? You can find the answer to these questions and more with this helpful guide to the grill lights you can get for your truck to improve it with additional safety and style. 

Our Universal Pre-Runner Style LED Grill Lights for Trucks in Easy-to-Install Kits

Maybe you’re looking into grill lights for your truck for practical reasons, maybe you want to make it look cooler, or maybe a mix of both. If you’re an off-road racing fan, you may even have daydreamed about your truck pre-running the course, and in the process proving it’s tough enough to take on any conditions. Pre-runner trucks are known for their impressive tires, shocks, and suspension. Now, you can give your truck the look of a pre-runner too, with an ORACLE Lighting Universal Pre-Runner Style LED Grill Light Kit. These lights simply install into the existing holes in your grill (no drilling required) and create the appearance of a pre-runner truck’s grill.You can get them in clear and tinted varieties, depending on the look you want. This grill light kit is universal, so there’s a good chance it fits your truck’s grill (and we’re happy to help you make sure). The additional illumination can also help you to be seen better at night and in difficult visibility conditions, making driving your truck safer. 

For those drivers who want their truck to have an even more intense look, we have designed what we call the new style ORACLE Lighting Pre-Runner Style LED Grill Light Kit. This new style of LED grill lights for trucks gives your grill a more aggressive look while maintaining the ease of installation that you find in the original kit. How does it do this? The new style’s changes include an updated housing that features a diffused lens for a more factory-issued appearance and bright, bold light. Whichever versions of the universal kit you choose, you get simple installation for high-quality lights that give your grill an exciting new look and additional light for visibility. 

Model-Specific Pre-Runner Style LED Grill Lights for Jeeps

In addition to these universal kits, we also have a pre-runner style LED grill light kit specially designed for select Jeep models. First, we have the Pre-Runner Style LED Grill Light Kit for the Jeep Gladiator JT, so you can tow and haul in style with the LED grill lights that are plug-and-play ready. Next, consider the Pre-Runner Style LED Grill Light Kit for the Jeep Wrangler JL, which features the same perfect fit and easy installation for this model. If you have a Jeep Wrangler JL, you probably appreciate high tech but also enjoy the rugged durability of an SUV, plus the environmental friendliness you get from energy-efficient LED lights. You can learn more about your Jeep Wrangler here and find out if this might be the best grill light option for your Jeep Wrangler. However, if neither of these are the truck that you want to add LED grill lights to, don’t worry! You can still get one of the universal products described above and go out to live your pre-runner style dreams.

Personalized LED Grill Lights for Trucks Take Customization to the Max

Looking for another way to light up your truck’s grill? ORACLE Lighting’s Universal Illuminated Grill Badges come in white and amber. These lights attach easily with a double-adhesive backing and can plug into an existing 12V power source on your vehicle (examples include your parking lights or ignition fuse). With these individual letter badges, you can spell out your truck’s make or model on your grill. You can even opt for something more personal like your initials or a short word, creating a unique look that lets everyone know whose truck it is or what you’re into. It just goes to show that you don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to LED grill lights for trucks like yours. You can find practical and attractive lighting products to make your truck exactly what you want it to be. 

Find LED Grill Lights for Trucks and More at ORACLE Lighting!

Now that you understand the value of LED grill lights for trucks and the available options, you can make a decision about whether this should be a part of your truck upgrade plans. ORACLE Lighting has the gear you need to make your truck look amazing and function at its best. From the variety of grill light options noted here, to truck bed LED lights, to a double row truck tailgate LED light bar that works as both a running light and a brake light, we can help your truck reach its full potential. Our LED lighting solutions reflect our passion for creating quality products, with sleek but efficient designs that have the features you want and need. Many of our products are universal but you can also search by vehicle, particularly for some of our more popular products like our halo kits. No matter what you drive, you can find the vehicle lighting products you want at ORACLE Lighting, and feel confident that it’s backed by the customer support you need.
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