ORACLE Concept 5050 RGB Strips (Pair)

  • $49.50


New from ORACLE Lighting are the Concept 5050 RGB Strips! You can now have limitless color effects added to a stylized DRL or Custom Headlight application. These premium, super bright 5050 SMDs are attached to a rigid but flexible straight PCB board allowing for bending and curving without the risk of fragmenting.

Can produce many thousands of color hues with the use of a ColorSHIFT RGB Controller. Check out our selection of controllers here.

4503-333 16" Pair
4504-333 8" Pair
4505-333 4" Pair

Product Specifications:

- Each strip can be cut to any size.
- Sold in Pairs
- 12 Volt Powered
- Low Heat Output
- Thicker PCB board makes the strips easier to bend and mold into shapes.
- Each strip uses Bridgelux 5050 RGB SMD chips(Made in the U.S.A.)

Package Includes:
- 2 x ORACLE Concept 5050 RGB Strips of your selected size.

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