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ORACLE Lighting Fiber Optic Wheel Liner ColorSHIFT RGB+W Kit - 40W LED/ 600 Fibers

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  • ORACLE Part# 5898-333

    Convert your dull, boring wheel liners into the exterior focal point of your vehicle with this unique color-changing constellation kit from ORACLE Lighting. The kit includes 4 individual ColorSHIFT LED light engines which each illuminate 150 strands of fiber-optic cable to create a beautiful star-scape in your dark wheel wells. 

    This is a totally universal product, if your truck or SUV has wheel liners you can install this kit. Installation is straight forward; the cables are individually inserted through drilled holes (in the pattern you choose) in the plastic wheel liners then glued from the back to secure in place. The light engines are then connected to 12V power and controlled with the included remote control. 

    The colors, brightness, and effects of the LED stars are controlled through the included remote control. The lights can also be controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth with the free app and any smartphone device.

    “This kit provides a really unique POP of color and turns plenty of heads” says Justin Hartenstein, ORACLE’s Director of Product Development. “It is a tedious installation since the fibers are individually punched into the plastic wheel liner. It’s more of an arts-and-crafts project to be honest. Which is a great opportunity to enlist the help of your kids or nieces and nephews to help with the seemingly endless number of stars that need to be installed. They will love working on a project and there is no wrong way to arrange the constellations so it would be hard to mess up!”

    With over 40 Watts of LED light and 600 light fibers this kit makes a big impact which is sure to get your truck noticed at the next night show. We do not recommend using on-road without first checking with your local rules and regulations. 

  • Specifications:
    - Input voltage: 12V
    - LED Type: RGBW
    - Light Engine Wattage: 10W (each)
    - Housing Material: Aluminum Alloy
    - LED Rating: 50,000 Hours
    - Light Engine Aperture: 20mm
    - Warranty: 2 Years

  • Package Contents: 
    - 4x 10W RGBW LED Fiber Engines
    - 600x 0.75mm Fiber Optic Cables 
    - 1x Handheld Remote Control
    - 4x 12V Power Cables

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