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ORACLE Lighting Fiber Optic LED Light Head - Single Color

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  • ORACLE Lighting's new Fiber Optic Interior Accent Lights are the perfect way to accent your vehicle's dull interior in a clean and seamless way. The special side-firing fiber optic cables have an integrated edge to make installation easy on any vehicle. This integrated edge is inserted between interior body panels in your vehicle including door panels, dashboard, headliner, console, and more. The fiber can even be stitched into fabric on custom upholstery.

    This is a universal product and while this is simple in most cases it is important to understand each vehicle is different and may need some installation experience to pull off the perfect install, so we recommend professional installation.

    For custom applications, this listing is for single-color light heads only. You can purchase a custom length of the necessary fiber optic cable here. We also offer pre-measured kits in ColorSHIFT RGB with both products here.

  • How It Works:

    The fiber optic is end lit by a LED light head. We recommend for any length over 3' you end-light both ends of the cable for the best and brightest look. The light travels through the fiber and lights up smoothly along the way for a very clean and understated appearance. The integrated edge is designed to hold the fiber optic cable tightly without the use of any adhesive.

    Product Specs:
    - Diameter: 0.5

    How To Order: 

    1) Select the color of your lighthead. Single colors are great if you just want to connect the lights to one color and not change it. Our ColorSHIFT option (view here) comes with a remote that allows you to select the exact color you want to use, adjust the brightness, and even do different effects like pulse, strobe, and smooth color transitions. 

    2) Clicking the Add to Cart button will add (1) lighthead to your cart. You can modify how many lightheads you would like in your cart.  Each fiber optic strip you use will need at least 1 LED lighthead. We recommend for any length over 3'you end-light both ends of the cable for the best and brightest look.
    For example, if you are adding this to both door panels, dash, and console you will need light heads for each individual installation. For wiring: all of these can be tied together to one fused circuit or switch. 

    3) Click Here to Select the length of Fiber Optic Cable you will need. The fiber optic strip can be cut with scissors and be re-used. Order the TOTAL LENGTH that you will need in feet. We always recommend rounding up your measurements. It is better to cut off a little excess rather than doing the entire installation just to come up a few inches short. 

  • (1) LED Light Head - Single Color 

    4230-001 White
    4230-002 Blue
    4230-003 Red
    4230-004 Green

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