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ORACLE Lighting Universal Illuminated LED Letter Badges - Amber LED - Individual

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  • Customize your vehicle with a vibrant new look with universal LED letter badges from ORACLE Lighting! These individual LED illuminated letters for cars are the perfect way to make your own marquee-style glowing vehicle badge. When turned on, the letters emit a soft edge-lit glow to make your custom badge stand out. Even when off, the sleek design of the letter housings gives a customized high-end appearance. The premium construction and overall styling deliver great value for an easy DIY illuminated badge. Simply choose the letters you need, and get ready to draw attention to your ride with a build-your-own glowing letter design!

    The LED lighting has a low draw, less than 0.1 Amp per letter. The overall size is approximately 3.75" wide x 1.4" tall and 0.5" thick. Installation is easy with the VHB double-stick adhesive. Wire the letters to a 12V source such as parking lights, ignition fuse, or a separate toggle switch. Please note that a hole may be required to route the wire, and each vehicle's needs will be different. We recommend using our VHB Primer (ORACLE Part# 2082-504) to get the best bond with the mounting surface.

    Available in Matte White or Matte Black Surface Finish.

  • Product Features:
    - Voltage: 12V DC
    - Draw: <0.1A (Each)
    - Color: Amber
    - Size: ~ 3.75in x 1.4in
    - 1 year warranty

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  • In the Box:
    - (1) Universal Illuminated LED Letter Badge with White LED in Matte White or Matte Black Surface Finish

  • Note: The notches on the letters mark the bottom. When viewing from the back, the wiring should exit to the right. This ensures the letters are correctly positioned and not upside down when installing.

  • Part Number Finish Letter
    3140-A-005 Matte White A
    3140-B-005 Matte White B
    3140-C-005 Matte White C
    3140-D-005 Matte White D
    3140-E-005 Matte White E
    3140-F-005 Matte White F
    3140-G-005 Matte White G
    3140-H-005 Matte White H
    3140-I-005 Matte White I
    3140-J-005 Matte White J
    3140-K-005 Matte White K
    3140-L-005 Matte White L
    3140-M-005 Matte White M
    3140-N-005 Matte White N
    3140-O-005 Matte White O
    3140-P-005 Matte White P
    3140-Q-005 Matte White Q
    3140-R-005 Matte White R
    3140-S-005 Matte White S
    3140-T-005 Matte White T
    3140-U-005 Matte White U
    3140-V-005 Matte White V
    3140-W-005 Matte White W
    3140-X-005 Matte White X
    3140-Y-005 Matte White Y
    3140-Z-005 Matte White Z
    3141-A-005 Matte Black A
    3141-B-005 Matte Black B
    3141-C-005 Matte Black C
    3141-D-005 Matte Black D
    3141-E-005 Matte Black E
    3141-F-005 Matte Black F
    3141-G-005 Matte Black G
    3141-H-005 Matte Black H
    3141-I-005 Matte Black I
    3141-J-005 Matte Black J
    3141-K-005 Matte Black K
    3141-L-005 Matte Black L
    3141-M-005 Matte Black M
    3141-N-005 Matte Black N
    3141-O-005 Matte Black O
    3141-P-005 Matte Black P
    3141-Q-005 Matte Black Q
    3141-R-005 Matte Black R
    3141-S-005 Matte Black S
    3141-T-005 Matte Black T
    3141-U-005 Matte Black U
    3141-V-005 Matte Black V
    3141-W-005 Matte Black W
    3141-X-005 Matte Black X
    3141-Y-005 Matte Black Y
    3141-Z-005 Matte Black Z

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nice Upgrade🔥

Great upgrade to my '23 Ram Laramie. Only complaint is the size of the letters. The OEM RAM letters are a lot bigger - these lights are built to Bronco specs. However, I still moved forward with the install and they look exclusive! 🔥

So much better than OEM

No idea why Ford hasn't done what Oracle did. They look great, and really look factory. I wired mine to an AUX switch so I can still control all exterior lighting. Check out the pics of the gray Bronco in the snow - that's me.

Thank you so much for he review, and your Bronco looks amazing!

Super cool look

These lights really add a cool look to the Bronco. The halo lights around the letters really make the grill stand out. The installation is involved but not difficult. They are definitely worth purchasing. And then get a wire harness from Specialty Performance Parts to connect them to your parking lights. Dont bother with splicing wires or connecting to a fuse. The harness makes it super simple to install cleanly.

One improvement opportunity - longer lead wires from the letters. They dont reach from the left most letter to the right most letter to combine into a single connector. Had to do a little splicing.

Thank you so much for the review! We have passed your feedback along to our product development team.

Jim Steineke
Great new look!

The lights completely change the look of the Bronco. I went with black letters, Amber backlight. Install wasnt too difficult, if you have a basic skill set. Only thing Id change is the length of the wires. More is always better and the length they are made them a little more difficult to install than they needed to be. Id still highly recommend them!

David P

Super happy with the B-R-O-N-C-O Led lights from Oracle. Fairly easy to install in about an hour. I built a wiring harness with a weather proof plug for easy grill removal. Was also able to wire the power supply so the lights come on with the ignition. (Fuse #158) The Amber lights look great with the amber running lights. Go get you a set!

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