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2005-2010 Chrysler 300C ORACLE ColorSHIFT 2.0 Halo Kit

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The latest version of the ORACLE ColorSHIFT Halos features High-Powered 5050 RGB 3-Chip LEDs electro-soldered with computer accuracy to a 6-Layer Rigid PCB. This new version delivers brighter and more fluid light output than the original ColorSHIFT rings. Each 5050 Surface Mounted Diode contains three 3528 LEDs (making each LED 3x brighter than the LEDs on previous rings) one Red, one Blue, and one Green diode in each LED. This allow you to make consistent colors such as "pure" white without seeing the individual colored LEDs on the ring. This type of 5050 3-Chip LED is a high-quality SMD with a 50,000 Hour Rating that has proven to work extremely in this application during our testing.


New Controller:

Our new ColorSHIFT 2.0 LED Controller has several advantages over the previous version. This new controller can be programmed by the operator for an almost endless number of colors and functions that the user can design and save on the units memory. Another major change to this new unit is that the box itself has a controller as well as a wireless infrared remote control. There is also a LED indicator on the unit that shows the operator what color the LEDs are set on at that time. Our new 2.0 controller also has twice the output and expandability as the previous version with 15A capacity which can power twice as many lights from this single box.

More 2.0 Advantages:

This 2.0 ColorSHIFT Halo Kit can produce any color including whites from 3000K-15000K with the push of a button. This allows the user to dial-in the exact color rings that they desire. Even if the color changing function is not appealing to the user, the ability to create the exact hue you are after is something that was not available until now. These 3-Chip 5050 SMD rings are BRIGHT, and for some they may be too bright, that is why (for the first time) the user has full control over the ring brightness. Customers have expressed their concern that the original remotes used the same RF frequency that is why we did away with RF altogether and now use an Infrared Wireless Controller System.

Pair with 5050 ColorSHIFT LED Strip:

The new controller can control more than just our ColorSHIFT Halo Rings, it can also simultaneously control our 5050 ColorSHIFT LED Strip. This strip is very bright and completely waterproof which makes it perfect for Grill Lighting, Engine Bay Lighting, Underbody Lighting, and Wheel Well Lighting. Another popular and useful mod using our LED strip is to add 12" pieces to the footwell to not only get a footwell illumination effect but also indicates the color the Halos are set on. The new ColorSHIFT 2.0 Controller can power the Halos and up to 100ft of 5050 ColorSHIFT Flexible LED Strip.

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