ORACLE Lighting 2016-2023 Chevrolet Camaro Concept SMD Sidemarker Set

  • $169.95

NEW for the Chevy Camaro, ORACLE Concept SMD Sidemarker lights are complete sidemarker replacements fitted with high powered 3528 Bridgelux LEDs that produce a laser-like appearance. Installation is easy! Just pop out the factory sidemarkers and connect the new ORACLE Concept Sidemarkers right into the stock connector for a "Plug and Play" installation!

ORACLE Lighting is proud to offer the brightest side markers on the market to our customers. Do not be fooled by "too good to be true prices" ORACLE Lighting originated LED sidmarkers, imitators don't measure up to our quality. 

Note* Special order paint option (not in stock) can take up to 8-10 weeks processing time as they are custom-painted-to-order. Once paint process has started, order cannot be cancelled/refunded.

These Sidemarkers are C.A.D. developed for a factory fit and finish. Guaranteed perfect fitment! The seal is done with an ultrasonic weld, which insures there are no moisture issues ever with these sidemarkers.

ORACLE Lighting offers these parts professionally painted to order. We strongly recommend using this painting service when ordering these parts. If you choose to paint these products yourself please note that parts not properly painted with a UV clearcoat will not be covered under warranty. 

Download Painting Instructions

Product Specs:
-Bridgelux 2835 SMD LED's (Made in the U.S.A.)
-Direct Plug & Play
-5 Minute Install
-Produces a "Laser-Like" appearance
-Fits directly into stock sidemarker moldings, no further modification required.
-Will fit every 2016-2023 Chevy Camaro model.

Vehicle Fitment:

Package Includes:
-2 x Front SMD Sidemarker Replacements (Amber LED)
-2 x Rear SMD Sidemarker Replacements (Red LED) 



9900-019 Clear - No Paint CLEAR
9900-020 Tinted - No Paint TINTED
9900-GCB-C Arctic Blue (GCB) CLEAR
9900-GBA-C Black (GBA) CLEAR
9900-G1M-C Blue Velvet Metallic (G1M) CLEAR
9900-G7D-C Bright Yellow (G7D) CLEAR
9900-G7E-C Garnet Red Tintcoat (G7E) CLEAR
9900-GD1-C Hyper Blue Metallic (GD1) CLEAR
9900-GB8-C Mosaic Black Metallic (GB8) CLEAR
9900-G7Q-C Nightfall Gray Metallic (G7Q) CLEAR
9900-G16-C Orange Crush(G16) CLEAR
9900-G7C-C Red Hot (G7C) CLEAR
9900-GKK-C Riverside Blue (GKK) CLEAR
9900-G9K-C Satin Steel Gray Metallic (G9K) CLEAR
9900-GJI-C Shadow Gray Metallic (GJI) CLEAR
9900-GKO-C Shock (GKO) CLEAR
9900-GAN-C Silver Ice Metallic (GAN) CLEAR
9900-WA445B-C Spitfire/Krypton Green (WA445B) CLEAR
9900-GCB-G Arctic Blue (GCB) GHOSTED
9900-GBA-G Black (GBA) GHOSTED
9900-G1M-G Blue Velvet Metallic (G1M) GHOSTED
9900-G7D-G Bright Yellow (G7D) GHOSTED
9900-G7E-G Garnet Red Tintcoat (G7E) GHOSTED
9900-GD1-G Hyper Blue Metallic (GD1) GHOSTED
9900-GB8-G Mosaic Black Metallic (GB8) GHOSTED
9900-G7Q-G Nightfall Gray Metallic (G7Q) GHOSTED
9900-G16-G Orange Crush(G16) GHOSTED
9900-G7C-G Red Hot (G7C) GHOSTED
9900-GKK-G Riverside Blue (GKK) GHOSTED
9900-G9K-G Satin Steel Gray Metallic (G9K) GHOSTED
9900-GJI-G Shadow Gray Metallic (GJI) GHOSTED
9900-GKO-G Shock (GKO) GHOSTED
9900-GAN-G Silver Ice Metallic (GAN) GHOSTED
9900-WA445B-G Spitfire/Krypton Green (WA445B) GHOSTED
9900-GCB-T Arctic Blue (GCB) TINTED
9900-GBA-T Black (GBA) TINTED
9900-G1M-T Blue Velvet Metallic (G1M) TINTED
9900-G7D-T Bright Yellow (G7D) TINTED
9900-G7E-T Garnet Red Tintcoat (G7E) TINTED
9900-GD1-T Hyper Blue Metallic (GD1) TINTED
9900-GB8-T Mosaic Black Metallic (GB8) TINTED
9900-G7Q-T Nightfall Gray Metallic (G7Q) TINTED
9900-G16-T Orange Crush(G16) TINTED
9900-G7C-T Red Hot (G7C) TINTED
9900-GKK-T Riverside Blue (GKK) TINTED
9900-G9K-T Satin Steel Gray Metallic (G9K) TINTED
9900-GJI-T Shadow Gray Metallic (GJI) TINTED
9900-GKO-T Shock (GKO) TINTED
9900-GAN-T Silver Ice Metallic (GAN) TINTED
9900-WA445B-T Spitfire/Krypton Green (WA445B) TINTED

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