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ORACLE 2.5" 70mm Bi-LED 35W Retrofit Projectors (Pair)

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ORACLE Part# 8531-504



8531-504 ORACLE LED Projector Retrofit

Featuring advanced LED projection with 3,200 Lumens of high-quality illumination for enhanced driver visibility in all weather conditions.  The LED light source has lower power demands compared to factory headlamps while providing more light output, making it the perfect retrofit option.

This Precision LED projector provides the driver with optimum light distribution and beam angle. These all-new LED projectors provide enhanced driver visibility with increased and focused LED light output. 

Light focus is very important for not only driver safety but others on the road who can potentially have their vision obstructed by glare. This is especially significant on lifted vehicles where the light source is raised and in a position to interfere with the field of vision of other drivers. These new LED projectors feature a very sharp cut-off line and focus light with precision specifically to avoid such issues. 

• Input Voltage: 12V
• Power: 35W
• Lumens: 3200LM
• Color: 5500K
• High Beam: Shutter System
• Fitment: Universal Retrofit
• Installation: Mounting tabs.
• Optional: threaded mounting shaft

Includes advanced external LED drivers for longevity and performance.

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